Industry Snapshot: Public Relations

We’re all familiar with the delightful Samantha Jones, the outrageously outspoken publicist who shone a glamorous light on the perks of PR in New York City. Or for those who aren’t fans of ‘Sex and the City’, perhaps the role of Shauna Roberts in the hit TV show ‘Entourage’ gave you a contrasting insight into the frustrating perils of managing the image of an unpredictable budding Hollywood A-lister. Although these fictional characters may show the extreme highs and lows of being a public relations professional, this significant role in the media and communications industry can be greatly rewarding as well as greatly exhausting for those without the skills to compete.

How NOT To Get An Internship

Industry experience is incredibly valuable making the playing field for obtaining an internship equally competitive. Inexperienced students can become wrapped up in the process and stumble into many pitfalls. These are some of the common mistakes that media and communication students make when looking and applying for those highly sought after work experience opportunities. Do the opposite, and that coveted internship will be yours in no time!

Interview Do’s & Dont’s

Interviews can be a tremendously nerve-racking experience, especially for those students who are about to graduate or have recently graduated. With the majority of us having little to no experience in the realm of interviews, I have compiled a list with simple Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to interviews.

Industry Snapshot: Television Broadcasting

Once the most reliable and only source of serious news headlines, today’s television broadcasters have to compete with uncredited sources via the internet to broadcast news exclusively. Reporting stories live-on-air where no mistake goes unnoticed can be immensely stressful but if you’re as suave and candid as Ron Burgundy live streaming will be the least of your worries. From broadcasting in cyclonic winds and torrential rain to following up leads on missing child allegations, no day would be the same that is for sure.