Keys To Success

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INTRODUCTION:  Introducing Straddl: The Podcast

Welcome to Straddl: The Podcast. Listen in to this mini-series to learn what they keys to success are for media and communication graduates and how to unlock those doors everyone keeps talking about. Hear from interviews from a range of industry professionals, as well as discussions on an array of topics; all good things for your ears.

EPISODE 1:  Keys To Success w/ Zach Van Manen

In this first episode we chat with recent Writing and Film Graduate, Zach Van Manen. Having worked in the communication area across Government and corporate sectors, and now his own media production company, Zach has clearly a lot of insight into those keys to success. Take a listen and enjoy the journey from our inaugural episode.

You can get in touch with Zach on his LinkedIn profile and Facebook Page.

🎵 “Magic” by Hot Coffee. 
More can be found from the Gold Coast duo via Soundcloud.

EPISODE 2: Keys To Success w/ Bruce Nean

This time on the podcast we sit down with Bruce Nean, a self proclaimed branding master but actually proclaimed Executive Manager for digital fundraising and branding at the Princess Alexander Research Foundation. Bruce tells all about how to make a noise in the online space and how not-for-profits can offer just as much as their commercial cousins.

Check out Bruce’s website ‘Digital For Good’, Instagram and Facebook.

Bruce’s next event he is hosting is a design workshop – get yourself tickets through the link here and don’t forget to use the discount code ‘goodstudent’ for a generous discount.

🎵 “Unyouth” by Sturges.
Our great sound engineer, Thomas Yip, is the lead vocals and guitarist of the Brisbane local band, so be sure to check them out on Instagram and on Unearthed.

EPISODE 3: Keys To Success w/ Nicole Jenson

Ever wanted to hear and chat about all things social media and marketing? Then this third episode is your cup of tea. This time we chat with Nicole Jenson, a Brisbane based social media and strategist guru. Listen in to get all the inside scoop into some industry and trade secrets so you can get a handle of the social meeds to be competitive in today’s multifaceted market.

You can keep up to date and get in touch with Nicole via her website and her LinkedIn profile.

🎵 “It’s Such a Shame” by Rugged Coast.
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EPISODE 4: Keys To Success w/ Straddl Members

The final episode to our series is here to bless your ears one last time! We took this time to both review and reflect on our past interviews with the media professionals who gave us a bundle of insights into the industry. As future professionals, this information is highly valuable, even priceless to getting a competitive edge in the business today. So we round off the rest of the episode by chatting with some of the team leaders of Straddl and hear their thoughts.

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