About Us


Welcome to Straddl! We are a student run website located in Brisbane, Qld. We aim to bring you interactive content that is inspired by current discussions in the media & communications industry. We ‘get across’ everything from first-hand experiences to inside industry knowledge, postgraduate perspectives and what is happening in our ever-expanding industry – media & communications.

Why we Straddl it…

To Inform The current lack of discussion surrounding the media & communications industry in Queensland inspired us to produce a resource solely focussed on providing informative, relevant and accessible multimedia content that shines a light on the local industry we have around us.  

To Provide – One of Straddl’s fundamental goals is to provide its audience with opportunities to gain first-hand experience in the industry through our relationships with a number of industry professionals and media & communication businesses.

To Inspire – We aim to spark a passion for the media & communications industry and provide students and young professionals with the relevant knowledge that is required to set them apart in this industry.

We are dedicated to providing a go-to platform for students and young professionals – all you have to do now is get across it.

If there is something you think we have missed or something you want to know about within media & communications, let us know and we will help you.