Getting Prepared for QUT Internship Courses

By Ella Hicks

Realising that you will soon have to enrol into a class like ‘Work Integrated Learning 1’ and acquire an internship in a professional practice can be quite daunting. Well… at least it was for me. If you are feeling a bit lost about this class and are not too sure how you are going to tackle it, then don’t worry. I have a few tips that I learnt from my experience that may help you.

Firstly, if you didn’t know already, you have four weeks to get an internship before you have to drop out of the class. Scary right? If you’re like me and are already stressing, you may want to get an internship before the semester begins. But be warned! There are a few steps you must take before you can begin your internship.

Firstly, there is a required lecture you have to attend in the first week of university. Following this, you have to create a CV and cover letter that is sculpted towards the company you are aiming to intern with. This is then when you are supposed to start going for interviews and hopefully acquire an internship. Once successful, you have to complete a proposed role, which outlines what the company is, how they relate to your specific degree, and what you aim to achieve through learning from their team. If your academic supervisor approves all of this and the company interning you has completed the placement agreement, you are finally covered by QUT insurance and are able to start collecting your hours.

Now, this may sound a bit daunting- how are you supposed to finish all of this in only four weeks! Communicating with your academic supervisor is the key! Your academic supervisor is there to help you. If you have any worries or stresses all you need to do is email them, or if you do need to get this process done quickly because you need to start your internship before the 4-week period, just let them know and they will prioritise you.

The main thing though is just to have fun. Find an internship that really interests you. Look at the internship opportunities provided to you through QUT, but don’t be afraid to go off on your own and find something else. This is an opportunity for you to gain real-life experiences in the industry you’re interested in, and will hopefully help you get your foot in the door

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