Taking The New Step In Your Career

By Baylee Isaacs

Recently moving roles from the Marketing Communications Coordinator at iThink Property and with a degree in communications, Kristy Reynolds has found her niche in the digital marketing/communications world. Her new role at Reload Media as a Digital Account Manager is a new challenge that Kristy is facing head-on. I had the pleasure of chatting with Kristy regarding the differences in the roles transferable skills and tips you can use to progress into the next stage of your career.


1. What factors made or aided you in your decision to change your job?

I loved my role at iThink and certainly learnt a lot in my role as Marketing & Communications Manager, however, I found myself wanting to learn more and gain more experience in the digital marketing field. I tried to teach myself and went to a few digital marketing workshops however I’m such a hands-on learner and knew I would be better off in a digital marketing environment. My role at iThink included a bit of digital marketing so this gave me a taste of the industry and helped aid my decision to go in that direction with my career.

2. What do you believe was the biggest or best skill you learned working in your initial role?

Communication and organisational skills are probably the best skills I learnt from my role at iThink. When dealing with a lot of different jobs/duties, which comes in most marketing/digital roles, you quickly learn the importance of prioritising tasks. In order to be able to successfully complete a job, you need to be able to identify which is the most important, keep organised and have good communication between team members.

3. What have been the biggest differences or difficulties moving to a large digital marketing firm?

Since I’ve never been in an agency setting before, I think the biggest hurdle for me has been dealing with multiple clients and understanding which ones were most important. My skills from my previous job have definitely assisted with this but I’ve still got quite a bit to learn.

4. What skills have you found have been transferable across the jobs?

General communication skills such as emailing and talking to people on the phone have definitely transferred over to my role. And since I’ve had a little experience in digital marketing these skills such as basic knowledge of SEO, Facebook Ads etc. have definitely created a good foundation for me to now grow my knowledge.

5. It is still early days but, what has been the biggest lesson learned in your new role?

Not being afraid to ask for help. At the start, I was a little hesitant with asking people as everyone is always so busy but I’ve learnt it’s an essential step in learning. I’ve realised that everyone understands and has been in that spot before so they are willing to lend a hand.

6. What new skills have you learned or that you hope to learn in your new role?

I’m only 2 weeks in and have already learnt so much! I really wanted to increase my knowledge of everything digital marketing related so SEO, paid ads etc and I’ve already had quite a few training sessions on these. I’ve also been able to go along to a lot of client meetings and get involved with the process so that’s been great, I’ve really enjoy looking at how different businesses utilise digital marketing.

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