Health & Fitness Influencers Doing It Right!

By Isobel Reardon

Let’s take a moment to rewind to the beginnings of YouTube – when we were springing online to watch Ke$ha parodies that made no sense and be entertained by a baby named Charlie who sends her brother into hysterics after playfully biting his finger. Whilst this type of content may have been pertinent at the time, it is a clear contrast from the trends of 2018…

Yes, comedic memes are very much a thing today, but it seems a lot of the content we currently see online is purposeful – it is there to inform and, a lot of the time, to persuade. The term ‘influencer’  has emerged in recent years, and is perhaps the perfect way to describe the online personalities that we seem to invest so much time into watching and supporting. There are THOUSANDS of influencers out there these days, so what makes particular individuals stand out? And how can we, as media and communication professionals, learn from them and build greater knowledge of the media sphere!

The following Aussie influencers are a part of the health and fitness world and have each been in the public eye for a few years now, taking the online world by storm:

Sarah’s Day

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 9.35.29 am

Sarah’s Day is who you could call an ‘aesthetic queen’ – her Instagram  game is, using one of her favourite phrases, ‘on point’, as well as her skilfully edited YouTube videos . She is the quintessential Aussie, living 100 metres from the beach down in Cronulla NSW, and it is evident that she plays on this ‘dreamy lifestyle’ – helping her to attract followers from all stretches of the globe. She utilises many different platforms to communicate with her ‘followers’ – Instagram stories, meet and greets, workout e-books, website  – which is a testament to her PR and marketing skills. One that is not as widely used by influencers of her nature is podcasts. Sarah, with her boyfriend, Kurt have created their very own podcast channel titled The Health Code . It is through these audio segments that Sarah is able to be immensely real with her thoughts and beliefs and give her followers something they can tune into at any hour of the day whilst doing any kind of activity!

Georgie Stevenson

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 9.44.47 am

Georgie is that friend you lean on for support and advice. For a long period of her YouTube career, she was working full time in a law firm. Consequently, a lot of her YouTube content over the years has naturally focused on very relatable topics such as time management, food prepping, creating good routines and goal setting. Unsurprisingly, people have connected well with this! When talking to her ‘viewers’, she addresses them as her friends and thinks of her channel as a community of like-minded people. It seems that by taking this approach, Georgie allows her viewers to perceive her as a truthful person that is there to guide. And she mirrors this on Instagram – posting snippets of her workout combos, and meals as a Hello Fresh ambassador.

Keep It Cleaner (KIC) girls

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 9.58.53 am

The KIC brand is a partnership of two models, Steph Claire Smith  and Laura Henshaw . Their predominant way of communicating as individuals is through Instagram stories, giving live updates of their everyday life – what work commitments they have on that day, what they are eating, what workouts they are doing. Pretty much taking their followers on the ride with them! An initiative that really changed the game for their business was creating a private KIC Facebook group on the back of releasing their second workout/meal plan e-book, Keep it Cleaner . The online KIC community is now something young women desire to be a part of as it is based on support and friendship – making working out that little bit easier and fulfilling!


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