Three (Deadly) Digital Marketing Trends

By Rosie Mitchener

The digital landscape is changing and as marketers, we need to stay ahead of the game.

So, whether you’re finishing off your degree, looking for your first marketing gig or you’re working in your dream role, here are three deadly digital marketing trends that you need to know.

Conversation is key

Marketing automation has dominated the marketing industry for the last couple of years and if you’re not familiar with it, I’m sure you’ve experienced it.

Ever abandoned a shopping cart online and received an email with a discount code to purchase those items right now?

Yup, you guessed it, that’s marketing automation. And it’s not just limited to email – text messages, social media and website chatbots are all examples of automation at play.

Despite the success of marketing automation, marketers are now realising the value of human conversation in an increasingly automated world.  

A recent study  found that while 69% of customers prefer to speak to a chatbot for ‘quick fixes’ when it comes to finalising a transaction or making a big-ticket purchase, they prefer to speak with a human. It seems like a simple insight, but all too often do marketers forget about H2H (human to human) connection in their mission to automate every part of the customer journey.

So, what does this mean for marketers?  Well, it represents a shift in marketing – a future which involves leveraging automation and chatbot technologies to drive real human conversations instead of using them to replace conversation.

It means examining conversations with customers, and asking yourself or your workplace: how valuable is a conversation to our brand? This is what Ryan Deiss, CEO of, defines as VPC- Value Per Conversation.


Build a community

In case you missed it, Facebook announced this year that it’s increasing the cost of advertising on the platform. This means that it’s getting harder (and more expensive) to get noticed on Facebook.

How are marketers combating this? By building their brands through online communities.  Brands that build online communities provide their customers with a sense of membership and belonging. Whether it be through Facebook groups or hashtags, building a community is the second biggest shift in marketing this year.

Make the customer the hero

As marketers, simply promoting a great product is not enough. In a world of infinite supply, customers have all of the power. So, it’s important to ensure that our marketing strategies are customer-centric.  This shift represents an opportunity for marketers to define their strategies not on what products they sell, but by who they serve.


So there you have it, the trends that are shaking up the marketing industry at present are generating real conversation, building online communities, and keeping the customer at the forefront of strategy. Why not integrate these ideas into your next assignment or campaign?


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