5 Free Google Chrome Extensions to Improve Your Life

By Jennifer Anne Muirhead

Some people really underestimate the small stuff that can make their life easier. Smoother. Better. “You can just do that yourself”, you’ll hear them say. “Snake people are so lazy” they might add. But that’s not the point! Why do something yourself when modern technology can do it for you?

And on that note, here’s a list of 5 ‘Quality of Life’ Google Chrome Extensions to make your life better.

1. Honey

If you’ve ever been online shopping, odds are you’ve also spent a good 5-10 (or 30) minutes perusing the internet for online shopping discounts. Well now you don’t have to. Honey is a Google Chrome Extension which automatically finds and tests coupon codes at checkout to help you get the best price out there. With almost 8 million users and a 4.8 star rating, Honey enables your shopping addiction by saving you money, thus letting you buy more. Which is totally justifiable, because think of all the extra money you now have thanks to Honey!


2. Momentum

Momentum is a lovely extension. Every time you open a new tab, it provides you with a spectacular background, a personal greeting, a corny quote to laugh at and a reminder of what you’re meant to be focusing on that day. It also tells you the time of day, and the weather outside. It’s as pure and wholesome as that.


3. Millennials to Snake People

Okay, I admit this one is more of a jokey extension, but come on… it’s pretty funny.    It was either this or “The Trumpweb”, and I figured I’d keep politics out of it. I’m classy like that. But I digress, Millennials to Snake People does exactly what it says – it changes the very much overused word “millennials” and switches it to “snake people”. That’s it. Have fun reading about how Snake People are ruining the economy and won’t be able to afford homes because they spend too much money on avocado toast.


4. WikiWand

Everybody except your high school teacher loves Wikipedia. I mean, why wouldn’t they? It’s easy to use, free, and covers practically every topic known to man. But the one thing it is not is beautiful. WikiWand is here to solve this issue. As a purely cosmetic extension, WikiWand makes all Wikipedia articles more aesthetically pleasing, as well as easier to read. It’s a lesser known extension, with only a quarter of a million users, but it’s one of the highest rated in the Google Chrome Store and it’s generally just a nice quality of life upgrade.


5. Tab for a Cause

Tab for a Cause is definitely a quality of life extension, but not just for you. Instead, every time you open a new tab, you earn money that gets donated to a charity organisation. Basically, how it works is when you open a new tab, you’ll be greeted by a page filled with widgets, pictures and a few banner ads. The ad revenue that is created by your eyeballs is collected and donated to a charity of your choice. Save the Children, Water.org, and The Foundation to Decrease World Suck being just a few of them. Since its creation, Tab for a Cause has raised almost $420,000.


[Header Image CC: LoopFilm].

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