How To: Create That Killer LinkedIn Profile

By Georgia Cawley

Everyone has heard of LinkedIn – the so-called Facebook of the professional world. Old-school resumes and cover letters are important, but a rockin’ LinkedIn profile can really get you noticed, or better yet, employed. And yes, most employers are searching for you on it – 87% to be exact. So why not make a good impression? Here are six simple steps you should follow to ensure you create a killer LinkedIn!

[Source: Business LinkedIn by Lydia Abbot].

1. The Summary

Your summary is the first thing people see, so tailor it towards the people you want to hire you! Keep it short and sweet whilst including your degree, skills and major achievements to highlight what you can bring to the table. Check out the summaries of others in your desired role or industry. Take note of what they highlight, as well as their imagery and tone, and strive to give yours a similar vibe (without copying, of course). If done right your summary will leave employers wanting to scroll down to learn more, or better yet, hire you!

2. The Profile Photo

Similar to your summary, your profile photo should reflect the industry you are seeking to work in. As an aspiring media and communications professional, you could opt for a quirky photo that shows you are professional but still have a personality. A smile is highly recommended, but avoid using selfies and low quality images.

3. The Skills

Add your skills, education and experience! Include any details that will make you stand out, give you professional credibility, or that you are simply proud of. Remember incomplete profiles look unprofessional and every detail you add will help set you apart from the rest of the pack. There is nothing more sought after than experience, so go wild, but not too wild – keep it relevant!

4. The Visuals

Create a visual profile – include documents, images, presentations and more. Visuals make your profile eye-catching and keep people wanting to read more. In fact, research suggests online content gets 94% more views when visuals are included, and two-thirds of people find visuals more meaningful than simple text. For many within the media and communications field uploading visual examples of your work is particularly useful to show employers you can talk the talk and walk the walk. This could be anything from examples of graphic design work to a marketing portfolio.

5. The Network

Network, network, network. And when you’re finished, network some more! The people you are connected to and interact with on LinkedIn matter – especially when it comes to endorsements. If you have strong connections you are more likely to show up in searches, so start building up that network today.

6. The Final Step

Make it obvious if you are job hunting. Adding a note about seeking employment in your summary shows employers you are keen to take on new job opportunities! Include in your profile what your career aspirations are and show that you are keen to get started.

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