By Ayrton Cois

When starting university, we hear a load of advice from various individuals about how to get through first year uni life and all the academic struggles that come with it. It’s often all about finding a work life balance and managing your time, but that is all just general advice. We’ve all been a first year before and we all know it’s not that glamorous.

I took to the streets to ask a variety of individuals “What is your ‘best’ piece of advice for a first year student?” – the results were mixed and insightful to say the least…

1. “Um to be honest, it would be only go to tutes not lectures… Is that bad?” – Abbie

2. “Try and stick in the cohort and don’t get left behind. Your peers are your best assets for your learning.” – Lewis


3. “Engage in tutorials! Tutors remember and appreciate students who are actively listening, and it greatly benefits you!” – Gabrielle

4. “Go to all the social events.” – Georgie

5. “It may seem like hell on earth from time to time, but it does get better… Mainly when its over… But it does get better.” – Sophie

6. “Buy a case of beer instead of just a 6 pack each week.” – Cory

7. “Take your motivation/enthusiasm in week one, along with your goals for study, and quarter them, so your plan remains realistic and achievable by the time you want to kill yourself in week 6.” – Jack

[Source: Hamilton Barnes].

8. “Go to the gym and train just arms every Wednesday night before going to the RE (or preferred watering hole)” – Andrew

9. “Don’t underestimate the humble uni sausage sizzle” – Ben

10. “Two-minute noodles aren’t everything…” – Sarah

11. “Make sure you’re passionate about what you are doing, not just for the money you will get at the end. Because you will walk away with a lot of debt and a piece of paper that lets you do something you don’t have an interest in” – Michael

[Source: Memegen].

12. “Just be honest with yourself. Don’t pretend for the sake of what other people think or expect” – Rachael

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