Did Someone Say Free? 4 Free Online Must-Have Resources for Media and Communication Students

By Sabrina Luton

Your Media and Communications degree will arm you with an abundance of knowledge. However, much of this will be theory based, and therefore won’t teach you all of the practical skills that are expected in the workplace. Never fear! There are a range of free online resources available to help you develop some practical industry skills and give you a step up when you first enter the workplace. Keep reading for an overview of the 4 best online resources for Media and Communication students.

Digital Garage

[Source: Digital Garage Aus]

Digital Garage is a great resource which offers courses across a range of digital marketing topics to help you better understand the practical side of digital communication and online marketing. There are courses which guide you through search engine marketing, web analytics, social media strategy and more.

The courses guide you through a series of informative videos before testing your knowledge with short quizzes at the end of each topic to make sure you are paying attention! If you complete these tests successfully, you will receive a certificate to recognise your efforts and to show off your new skills.

Check it out here.

Google Academy for Ads

[Source: Academy for Ads]

Like Digital Garage, Google Academy for Ads is also an online learning service which provides video-based courses that cover a range of topics. However, Google Academy for Ads is exclusively designed to teach you how to use Google Ad products.

It covers several different topics and allows you to tailor your experience to learn the skills that specifically interest you. You may be interested in understanding AdWords – which is how companies pay to have advertising appear within Google’s Ad network – or you could learn about DoubleClick, Google Analytics, and other Google Ad products.

Courses are available in Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Even if you feel like you don’t know much yet, you can work your way up to being a pro.

A cool extra feature of Google Academy for Ads are the certifications. Academy for Ads provides courses which test your skills in Google Analytics, AdWords, Digital Sales, and Mobile Sites. Completing these tests certify that you are competent in those skillsets, and you receive a digital certification from Google to prove it!

Completing a couple of courses on Academy for Ads is a great way to show potential employers that you took the initiative to learn industry-relevant skills outside of your degree.

Find out more here.

Facebook Blueprint

[Source: Facebook Blueprint]

Facebook is a critical source of marketing and communication for most companies these days, however your Media and Communications degree probably won’t teach you the ins and outs of Facebook’s Ad platform. Luckily, you can learn about it yourself with Facebook Blueprint.

Facebook Blueprint is a free online learning platform which provides over 80 courses. Most courses take only 15 minutes to complete; so, if you need to learn to evaluate how a Facebook ad campaign is performing, or the best way to manage a Facebook event on the fly it should be a breeze!

Explore Facebook Blueprint here.

Think with Google

[Source: Think with Google]

Think with Google offers articles and case studies on current Media and Communications issues that will keep you up to date on industry trends. Although the content is generally tailored to industry professionals (read: lots of jargon), it will keep you informed and ahead of the pack.

Take a look at Think with Google here.

These resources might seem like a lot of extra work on top of your multiple university assignments, extracurricular activities and casual job. However, you’ll be grateful you did it when you’re interviewing for that grad role and stand out from the crowd with your extra digital marketing skills.

[Header Image CC: “Online Education” by Kreatika CC-0].

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