Spotify Playlists to Help You Survive Your University Experience

By Georgia Cawley

Look around any university campus and what do you see? Students listening to music while they study, write assignments or frantically run to their next tutorial. And most would agree there’s nothing better than listening to some good tunes to get you through the day and help you overcome university blues. Some studies have even shown listening to music whilst studying improves memory, concentration and creativity. It’s a win-win, right? Whatever your flavour – from Drake to DMA’s to good-old 90s hip-hop vibes, these playlists have everything need to survive your university experience.


Probably the best of the bunch, Deep Focus is the ultimate concentration playlist, and 2.6 million other Spotify users agree. Yes, it’s really that good. I discovered this little gem in my first year of university and have listened to it religiously ever since. It’s filled with a mix of calming, atmospheric music to help you zen out and focus on whatever task needs doing. Hot tip: it’s also perfect to listen to during a tactical study nap.



Rough week? Struggling to get yourself to that final lecture or tutorial before the weekend? Never fear, with this playlist your Friday’s just got a whole lot better. Updated with hot new releases every week, this playlist is always a nice treat to wake up to on a Friday morning. No matter your genre of choice, it includes a mix of anything and everything and you’re sure to find a new favourite to get around all weekend long.



It might just be me, but there’s nothing better than some good old 2000s movie nostalgia (Cheaper by the Dozen, anyone?). And what’s better than some childhood flashbacks to make adulthood that little bit more bearable? This playlist has tunes from all the classics and is sure to bring back all the #mems. Listen to this one on a road trip for maximum enjoyment.



Another great study/reading/assignment-writing fave. Filled with songs from the likes of Tash Sultana and Ball Park Music, Indie Chillout is listening made easy – with a little more pizzazz than Deep Focus. If you’re a laid-back, festival-going, triple-j listening kinda kid, this playlist is one for you.


With Spotify now offering students their premium package for only $5.99 a month, what are you waiting for? Start listening now! #notspon.

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