Too Blessed To Be Stressed

By Georgia Cawley

Assignment deadlines are getting closer, exams are looming and stress levels are on the rise. If you’re a student, you know the feeling. No matter what or where you study, university students around the globe unite with one thing in common – they get stressed. A 2017 survey of Australian students found that 70 per cent had high to very high stress levels due to university pressures and workloads. But never fear! If you fall into this 70 per cent, or are simply having a tough week, try some of these handy stress-relief tips and you will be zenning out in no time!

Go for a walk

Stop, breathe and get outdoors. Not only will a walk get those happy endorphins pumping, but the fresh air will help you clear your mind. Find a great playlist, pop in those earphones and away you go. For added enjoyment walk somewhere with nature, like along the river or in a park – this will be far more relaxing than the hustle and bustle of city streets.

Watch a comedy

When the times get tough a good ol’ comedy can really boost your spirits. After all, laughter is the best medicine. Set aside an hour or two for you to sit back and enjoy yourself. Not only will you feel happier, but from a scientific standpoint laughing will increase oxygen flow to allow your muscles to relax, blood pressure to lower and endorphins to increase. If you’re not into movies, funny YouTube videos will also do the trick (vine compilations are highly recommended).

Take a break

Yes, you read that right, it is okay to take a break! Breaks are necessary to relax, re-set and re-focus. Whether it is for 10 minutes to have a scroll through or Instagram, or an hour to have a chat with friends, allow yourself the time to get your mind off study. Often you will find you are more productive during study if you reward yourself with breaks in between.  

And finally…

Remember it is okay to stress. If you are feeling down you’re not alone – every student struggles at some point. After all, a university degree is not supposed to be easy! In some circumstances stress can be far from the enemy, as it encourages you to work harder and meet deadlines. As long as you take breaks, keep control over your stress levels and manage your time well – you will be fine.

[Header Image CC: “Stressed Out” by Shutterstock].

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