Joseph Ogilvie | Where Are They Now?

By Eloise Barclay

This week on Where are they now? I chat with Joseph Ogilvie, a graduate from QUT’s Bachelor of Journalism. Check out our interview below to gain a glimpse of life after university and what it’s like being an on-air journalist and newsreader!

What degree did you study at QUT?

Bachelor of Journalism.

Where have you worked since graduating and what is your current role?

I’ve worked as an on-air radio journalist for Southern Cross Austereo and as a newsreader for Triple M in both Brisbane and Melbourne. In Melbourne I did a stint doing the news on the Hot Breakfast with Eddie McGuire! I currently work for WIN News Ballarat as a TV journalist, covering everything from crime and politics to sport and local events.

How did you get your current job?

I applied for my current position after seeing it advertised on Seek. After submitting my application I was offered an interview and the rest is history!  My previous job came to fruition after a tutor at QUT helped me land an internship with SCA, early in the second year of my degree.  After a couple of shifts they offered me paid work, and before long I moved to Melbourne full-time.

Did you find your degree helpful for the role you are currently in?

Absolutely! It’s been a massive help and has given me the building blocks to work with – I really couldn’t speak more highly of the degree! Having said that, there is a still a lot to learn outside of university, so I’d definitely recommend applying for as many internships as possible.  

What elements of your degree have you used in your career?

I’ve used a lot of elements of my degree throughout my career. The most beneficial by far has been the Radio and Television Journalism units run by Ann Lund. I might be a bit biased because I work in broadcast, but working in a real-time newsroom with deadlines and chasing stories was a great experience, and in all honesty isn’t that different from a working newsroom. The Media Law unit has come in handy also, along with Digital Journalism subjects and Feature Writing. Susan Hethrington ran most of the digital subjects and I found everything she ran has also been very helpful today.

What are you loving about your job?

Everything! However if I had to choose only one thing it would be that I really enjoy being on the road and that every day is different. Radio gave me a great grounding and that’s been beneficial, but now I get to chase stories and cover things in more depth. Sometimes you might get sent out on a story that doesn’t sound super exciting but eventually you get more information and all of a sudden it becomes very interesting. The variety is great, it keeps me motivated!

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

That’s a tough question! I’d say the story I’m most proud of was one I did for a Feature Writing assignment in my first year at QUT. It was on a transgender couple that had faced significant adversity and it got published nationally by Fairfax. Picking up a Clarion Award in 2016, getting a job in metro radio while studying, and my first gig in TV are all up there as well.

What are your goals for the future?

My immediate goals are to improve my TV journalism skills and to ultimately break more news. As for where I end up, it could be anywhere! Just over a year ago I would never have thought I’d be living and working in Victoria, but here I am. Long term I’d love to be a foreign correspondent.

How do you maintain work life balance?

Good question! I think the most important thing is making time for people you care about and putting time aside to switch off. Believe it or not this can actually be tricky for me because I enjoy my job so much that it rarely feels like ‘work’.  It’s definitely easier than it was at uni though because I’ve got more time now.  When I was studying I was also working full-time, doing five subjects per semester and playing football on my weekends.

Do you have any tips for current students who want to get into the industry?

Yes, start doing internships as quickly as possible! Whilst it can be difficult working for free, it’s the best way to learn – just make sure you aren’t being exploited. I started doing work for a football website in my first semester at QUT and got an internship with Brisbane Times in my second semester. As we discussed before, I then picked up another radio internship which turned into a job. Not every internship will result in employment, but nevertheless, internships are a great way of building contacts and learning what kind of environment you might like working in.

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