How To: Be A Boss

Young, smart, technology savvy Chief Executive Officers (CEO) are the taking over and one day this could be you.

Running your own business at a young age continues to become increasingly more possible. Take for example, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was a billionaire at 23 years old, and there are more tales of young bosses doing incredible things locally, such as 2017 Brisbane Young Entrepreneur of the Year Steve Scanlan of Recon Solutions; who’s trailblazing the local information technology scene.

However, while being a boss at a young age may suit some, others are catapulted into a situation after their venture goes viral. While, websites such Etsy, are a great site to grow your business, behind the scenes young bosses are often required to hire extra help during this period of growth. Sometimes their employees are older than themselves.

So, whether it is a start-up that’s gone viral or you have worked your way up, here are some key leadership tips, to help you be an absolute boss.

  1. Be prepared to answer the age question

As a young boss, you will likely be asked about your age. Best way to tackle it, answer with confidence and honesty. A young entrepreneur, Brian Wong, mentioned in an article if you view your age as a positive, then it will become one.

  1. Mix up your management style

Businesses are filled with diverse people, and how one person responds to praise or encouragement will not suit another. Generations such as Baby Boomers and Millennials also work differently. The American Management Association study found, Baby Boomers love receiving personal gratification, and at work sometimes have a sense of entitlement. Generation X question authority, believe in the concept of work-life balance and prefer independence. Whereas, Millennials love challenging work, seek gratification and are very team orientated. It is the role of the boss, to tailor their style to suit employees needs.

  1. Ask for feedback

A great boss, no matter what their age is open to feedback. It is not a sign of vulnerability to ask employees for advice, but a sign of maturity and growth. Not only, are you showing employees you value their opinion; but their ideas may help your business?

  1. Stories

Story telling is a language to be learned by all young leaders. Annette Simmons, a group process consultant wrote how people do not want an overload of information,

“They want faith – faith in you, your goals, your success, in the story you tell.”

Stories sustain attention and can move employees with intellect and emotion. An effective example of this, is the story of how you, the CEO, founded the organisation. Engage people with the passion behind the organisation. Stories can be effectively used in internal communications, inductions and personal branding.

Of course, there are many more tips and tricks. Like everything, it is important to learn from your mistakes and see what works best for you. For many young bosses, their business is their life, so it is really important the people you work with are on the same journey.

Now, go forth and be an absolute boss!


By Grace Carroll


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