Top 5 Media and Communications Careers

More often than not, students will undertake a media and communications degree (or a variant of this) with a vague understanding of the area of work they’d like to specialise in. However, once graduation rolls around and the concept that they will need to start a career sooner rather than later finally begins to set in, students often find themselves unsure of what they’d like to do with their degree. So, we’ve listed five career options for media and communications students to scope out to help figure out what’s right for them.

1. Social Media

Media and communications is an extremely beneficial degree for those looking to specialise in social media and social media marketing. Media and communication degrees teach you the basics of using technology, digital art, websites and media texts in order to interpret and understand the way consumers and users interact with media. This is especially useful in social media as professionals are able to create and capitalise on the way social media platforms are expanding and becoming more popular to boost business sales, enhance coverage and ensure their business gain traction – and if not, why it’s not?

2. Marketing & Advertising

market advertising

As mentioned in social media, marketing and advertising is a huge player in the media and communications career ballgame. “Marketing careers are ever-evolving with the growth of new media and online opportunities. The world of advertising has also had to keep up with the times and provides a stimulating and fertile environment.” This threads into social media, but is not limited to those online platforms. Marketing and advertising takes a whole lot of creative and media knowledge in order to reach specific target audiences through a variety of communication channels that suit them best. Product development, advertising communications, consumer research and more are some of the key components that a media and communications degree holder excel in!

3. Public Relations

public relations

Public relations is a huge sector that media and communications students are involved in. This is because PR involves the use of public perception, interpretation and involvement in products and brands by handling media, media messages, public messages and exposure alongside organising events. There is a fair amount of research, writing, organising and problem solving that communications students are very in tune with, and this career has a foothold in every communications student’s expertise.

4. Journalism


With a wide variety of different platforms such as radio, print, TV and online – journalism is a huge sector that communications and media professionals are drawn to.  Encompassing a huge range of different genres such as news, travel, sports and more, it’s a career for those with a flair for writing and a passion for a particular genre. Creating content and tight deadlines are what makes communications student extremely versatile in situations, and it’s what makes most of them phenomenal journalists!

5. Publishing


Most media and communications students are taught from the very beginning of their degrees to have a close eye for detail in every regard, from spelling and punctuation to colour coding and detailed graphics. Publishing is a career with huge prospects in management, research, project creation; with a timeline of these varying skills necessary in every stage of publishing work. Putting all of these elements together to see the final product is extremely satisfying work, and lots of professionals play key roles in publishing books, digital work, magazines and more.


By April Ryan




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