4 Tips on How to Communicate more effectively on Social Media

1. Learn How Each Medium Works

Before diving into the world of online communication it is important to make sure you are familiar with the platform you are using i.e.

Facebook – tailored for longer, meaningful posts

Twitter – tailored for short and sweet posts

LinkedIn – a professional platform, which focuses on networking and sharing knowledge



2. Think

If you find it hard to manage your impulsiveness and urge to respond, you need to remember that this can diminish the quality and substance of your interactions. So, to maximise the value of your interactions take a second and ask yourself:

  • who is the target audience?
  • how can I tailor my response to this demographic?
  • what is the purpose of this communication?

3. Paraphrase 

Paraphrasing is a useful tool, especially in a media based conference situations. Piecing together important information is key to summarising complicated or long bits of information. It also helps readers make sense of the different voices/ perspective in the conversation.

4. Ask Questions

Good questions clarify your understanding, while also extending the communication and thinking in the interaction. It also shows that you respect and are interested and engaged in the interaction. In social learning, good questions are what start off the feedback loop.


By Lachlan Eunson

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