4 Apps to Boost Productivity

Everyone needs a little help when it comes to being more productive-especially University students. So here is a list of apps that’ll help boost your productivity.

Added Bonus: they’re all FREE!


Quip is a saviour for group assignments it puts everything into one place. Imagine if Google docs had a chat feature and that’s what Quip is (but better). “Quip combines, documents, spread sheets, checklists, and team chat in one place.” So you never have to manoeuvre between your Facebook group chat and the Google document again. It works across desktop and mobile for extra functionality. Check out Quip here.


Rescue Time

Have you ever wondered how much time in a day you’ve wasted on Facebook or on Youtube looking at old X Factor auditions? Well now you can get terrifying statistics sent to you weekly through Rescue Time, a statistic so scary in fact, that it might make you more productive! While you’re going about your day Rescue Time runs in the background of your desktop or mobile. It tracks the time spent on apps and websites and gives you detailed reports and data based on your activity. From this data you are able to work out where and when you are wasting the most time so that you can then block the distracting websites by choosing the amount of time you need to focus.  Another awesome feature is the ability to set an alarm so that when you’re on Youtube for more than 20 minutes an alarm will go off letting you know that your time is up. Check out Rescue Time here.


This desktop app is based off of the Pomodoro time management technique. The Pomodoro technique is about working with time and not against it. It’s about eliminating burnouts, managing distractions and in the end creating a better work/life balance. The technique is to work in short amounts of time to break up your studying time, which increases your overall productivity. The Tomighty app allows you to put a timer on your desktop for 25 minutes, so you dedicate your undivided attention to the task that needs to get done for that amount of time then when the timer goes off you get a short break. Then get right back into it for another 25 minutes and once you’ve completed 4-25 minute Pomodoros, you can take a longer break.  This technique helps you ignore interruptions as an email reply can wait for 25 minutes while you focus on the task at hand. Check out the Tomighty app here.

you for 25

(you in 25 minutes)


The Habitica app has made being productive into a game and who doesn’t love games!? You begin by creating your own avatar; you are then guided through the app like a game and are told how to ‘play’.  It allows you to put in any habits-good or bad that you want to do more or less of. As shown below when you do a bad habit your avatar loses health, but when you do a good habit you gain points.


There is also the option to put in all of your daily tasks and to do lists. If you miss a daily task or don’t tick anything off your to-do list, “your avatar will take damage overnight, while checking them off consistently will bring great rewards.”


This app is the most helpful in boosting productivity as it feels extra rewarding when you tick something off your to-do list, as you are not only getting rewarded, but your little avatar is too. Check out Habitica here.

By Kelsa McIntyre

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