4 Brisbane Startups

Brisbane Talent takes on the world.

In an over-saturated marketing world, the following four start-ups are launching Brisbane into the digital and tech industry and are doing so by offering creative ways for businesses to market themselves.

creativeCreatively Squared

Creatively Squared is a digital marketing platform. They match brands with creatives who then design a package of professional photographs that can be used in campaigns or for businesses Instagrams. It saves the company time and enables originality and variance in their images. They “…create beautifully styled visual content.” One of the founders, Ruth Stephensen states, “Creating high quality images that make your business and products stand out is a challenge for many brands, so Creatively Squared helps to solve this problem.” They currently have 12, 000 creatives within its community and are set to be representing Australia in November at the Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen where they will pitch their product to European investors. Check out their site here https://www.creativelysquared.com


Lightweave are a digital start-up that have created an augmented reality system called ‘Weaver.’ It’s “an out-of-the-ordinary marketing experience,” that the consumer never forgets. They have a massive portfolio including the recent Brisbane Festival. Through the weaver app, Lightweave brings print collateral to life through augmented reality. In regards to the Brisbane Festival, attendees could simply point their phone at the program and the performances come to life, allowing users to preview each performance and read reviews and interviews. Along with Augmented Reality (AR) they have also created Artificial Intelligence (AI) called Frank. Frank was the 6 metres wide, 4 metres tall unforgettable host at this year’s Brisbane Festival. Through AI Frank chatted with festival goers, “picked people out from the crowd to have a chat, joked, informed, invited people to upload images onto the big screen with him…and perhaps insulted bystanders outfit choice for the evening.” Lightweave recently received nominations in four categories of the Lord Mayors Business Awards including ‘Business Innovation,’ ‘High Growth Start-up,’ ‘Outstanding Small Business and Young Business Person of The Year.’ This shows that Brisbane is not only leading the way in successful start-ups but also in the fields of AI and AR. Check them out here https://lightweave.co


AI Frank chatting with festivalgoers.



Bananalife creates activities at networking and business events. They are the masters at getting staff members within a company to relax and interact with one another. They “…create tailored experiences that develop positive workplace culture, value continuous improvement, and challenge teams to explore their potential.” Bananalife work with leading corporations, corporate trainers, management teams and culture and people development managers who use the Bananalife activities such as the Tangalooma Team Building experience to help relax their employees and create a play/work balance. Once the event or experience is over Bananalife help business to “create content marketing videos, HR videos, Interviews and case studies along with the highlights of the event” to ensure future employee engagement. Seems appealing? Check them out here http://bananalife.com.au


HandHand Pic’d

My personal favourite is handpic’d. How many times have you asked a friend, family member or a random stranger what picture you should post on Instagram? With the only difference between the two pictures being the way your hand is positioned. Well, now there’s an app that lets you upload those two images and have people anonymously vote on what image they like better so you know what one to upload! This is an app “for indecisive social media users” and an invaluable app for businesses as it allows them to see what image would work best on a social media campaign or on their businesses Instagram (warning: you may become addicted to scrolling through the feed and voting on people’s pictures). Download the app here >>> https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/handpicd/id1200783835


By Kelsa McIntyre

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