Benefits of a Double Degree

Have you ever considered studying a double degree?

As a university student completing a dual bachelor degree in Nutrition Science and Media and Communication, I understand the advantages of combining professions to have a competitive edge and adapt to the rapidly changing global market of the digital age. My career goal is to advocate healthy lifestyle choices and prevent chronic or diet-related disease via mass communication. As an aspiring public health professional, I believe it is important to have skills in media and communication, and thus enrolled in a double degree. It can be beneficial to combine professions as it opens up more job opportunities, and allows you to build skills in other discipline that can complement your main career goal.

From my personal student experience, here are four major advantages, benefits and efficiency that can be gained from a double degree

1. More career opportunities

There are numerous career options to choose from and apply for by undertaking a double degree. In my case, the double degree offers a wide range of career opportunities as listed below:

  • Advertising Professional
  • Communication Specialist or Communication Strategist
  • Educator
  • Government Officer
  • Health Educator
  • Health Information Manager
  • Health Privacy Officer
  • Health Promotion Officer
  • Information Officer
  • Internet Professional
  • Marketing Officer/Manager
  • Media Industry Specialist
  • Media or Communications Adviser
  • Media Producer
  • Nutritionist
  • Organisational Communication Specialist
  • Policy Officer
  • Public Health Officer
  • Public Relations Officer/Consultant
  • Public Servant
  • Publishing Professional
  • Web Designer

(QUT – Bachelor of Media and Communication/Bachelor of Nutrition Science 2017)

I can select from a variety of disciplines, explore these diverse options and have greater flexibility. It is assuring to know that there are multiple job opportunities from the double degree course.

2. Comprehensive knowledge and broader skills gained  

A broader knowledge and qualifications from the combined courses of double degrees can help to create a unique skill set for a competitive edge. In my case, I can combine professional health knowledge with efficient communication and media technology proficiency to set myself apart from the rest. Also, I am not limited to a specific/narrow skill set but have the advantage of learning comprehensive knowledge from different fields – adding to a greater variety in my studies.

3. Experience two different faculties

Being part of the creative industries and health faculty, it has allowed me to understand and explore both disciplines. It has been highly beneficial to integrate the learnings from the health science and the media and communications courses. I have gained specific knowledge on health education, behaviour, sports nutrition, nutrition across all lifecycles and an academic understanding on all facets of media. With the rise of digital age, social media platforms and globalisation, it is important to understand the current industry landscape to implement change in health sector. The knowledge I have gained from the combined faculties has broaden my understanding, and I can now develop, implement, monitor and evaluate specific health-related issues in Australia with a mass communication approach by utilising the services provided by social media technologies. The distinct industries have broadened my perspectives, and I have gained how to integrate the knowledge from both the sectors in an effective manner.

4. Time efficiency

Being able to complete two components of the double degree concurrently in a shorter time frame i.e. a four years full-time study load vs six years. It saves both time as well money to complete the double degree rather than two separate degrees. Also, as only compulsory parts of course are required, the workload and number of units needed for completion is not doubled. Unless the degree structure requires to focus on one study area, you usually complete the two courses from each disciple at the same time.

If you are considering studying a double degree, I would highly recommend it. As mentioned above, there are key advantages to a double degree and the unique skill sets gained can give you a competitive edge, especially in our changing digital environment. You don’t need to limit yourself to selecting one degree.  I encourage you to seek the various double degrees offered that will suit your career options and take advantage of diversity it offers.


By Rashmi Yadav

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