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A couple of weeks ago I attended an internship interview. I was ready. I had answers for all of the typical “interview” questions. Give me ‘what’s your great weakness?” Sorted.  Give me “What’s been your biggest challenge?” Sorted. Give me “What’s your proudest achievement?” Sorted. But the owner just wanted a conversation. She wanted to know my day-to-day routine and how media and communications was part of it.

She asked “What email subscriptions or blogs do you read when you wake up?”


So I began to excitedly recall my list. A list I highly recommend each and every one of you, if not subscribes to, then should at least is aware of.


Style Magazine, is a free magazine produced monthly in Brisbane. It’s Brisbane’s source for lifestyle, fashion, food and events. This magazine is a go to if you want to work in the Brisbane fashion, lifestyle and food scene; a must for any Brisbane media list.

Brisbane Times is an online newspaper for Brisbane and Queensland. Owned and run by FairFax Digital, it is the place for local news, which may affect your media and communications endeavours; another great site for any Brisbane media list.


Mumbrella, is a go to website for all things Australian media and communications. From news, editorials, conferences and training events in Australia, even cheeky job listings, if you sign up to one site because of this article, please let it be Mumbrella.

The Conversation prides themself on journalistic rigour. The Conversation has sites all over the world from United Kingdom, Canada to France. They offer a great in depth insight into current global issues.

From Bachelor recaps to more serious female topics, Mammamia is a site focused on what women are talking about in Australia. Given, how women are the main consumer in a household, subscribing to this site is highly recommended to men as well as woman. They also frequently critique campaigns good and bad… So best to know what they think is hot or not.

Mashable, is a global multi-platform media and communications company. It is a go to source for technology, culture and entertainment. Mashable Australia is a baby of the global brand delivering on all things media and communications in Australia. Jobs are also advertised on this site, so definitely sign up just for the job listings.

From science to culture news, Gizmodo Australia, posts technology focussed content. Being in the know about the latest apps, software and media is a must for any media and communication professional. It has local sites in United States and United Kingdom, meaning you are getting the latest global insights as well.

Pedestrian TV’s prides itself on being the house of popular culture. Covering everything from music, celebrity news to fashion. Pedestrian.TV also have a job section, another great reason to sign up to their mailing list.

Focused on helping young Australians by giving them a fresh relevant take. Run by their own media company Junkee Media, their content is not lead by a business bias. For a young perspective on all things media and communication subscribe to Junkee.


Founded in 1917, Forbes is an American business magazine, published bi-weekly. From finance, industry and investing, to marketing, this magazine covers a range of topic. When I mentioned in my interview that I subscribed to Forbes, it was a distinct advantage as it showed I read a range of content.

You undoubtedly seen them on social media, but Buzzfeed have a mailing list. Buzzfeed are an American Internet company, who covers social news and entertainment. Being up to date is a must for any media and communication professional, as their style of content has taken over.

These are just some of the many incredible media and communications sites available online. I highly recommend you check some of them out and start creating your own list. I apologise for the email spam in advance, but being up to date on all things media and communications is a must.

By Grace Carrol


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