Animation and Motion Graphics – The Future of Advertising

Creative advertisements and marketing strategies are crucial in this day and age. In the 1960s we had the Don Drapers of the world using advertising as a tool to alter peoples perceptions. Today, in the technological age we have endless opportunities and software’s to create anything from one’s imagination.

It has become quite obvious that companies are beginning to realise that they need to step up their game to remain competitive. Consumers are looking for something that will visually impact them even if it is, subconsciously.

Animation and motion graphics are predicted to play a huge role in the future of advertising and marketing. Video advertising was already popular on television, but now we have sponsored ads on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. Its hard to escape really, advertising and marketing companies know that. Adding animation or motion graphics to the content adds another element and is an effective way to engage the audience. This is the reason why companies are now investing in the profession of animation and motion graphics, since that five seconds before a person skips the ad is crucial.

Below are some examples of advertisements that show their innovation for the future:

Lexus Hands Directors Cut from ZEITGUISED

SAMSUNG QLED – The Next Innovation in TV

Introducing the Air Max 90 Ultra Superfly T, Designed by Tinker Hatfield


By Stephanie Brown

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