What to do if you hate University?

First of all, there is nothing wrong with hating university, it’s all down to who you are as an individual and whether you know what you want to do. You may not have found what you’re looking for from your course or you may have begun your course and realised the ‘uni life’ just isn’t for you, and that’s okay. There’s no pressure to love university, and there’s definitely no pressure to love it by the end of term one.

First things first, is it your course that you hate?

If it’s just your course that you hate then maybe ask yourself why you hate it, is it not interesting to you? Are you not passing your assessment pieces? Is the course different to what you originally thought?

Once you’ve answered these questions it’s then time to decide on your next course of action. Will you stick with your course? Or move onto something else?


 If you’re moving on, be sure it’s onto something beneficial

There’s nothing worse than dropping out of university and not having anything else to do with your life. Sure, you might feel like a break or you just need some time. If you feel that is what you need and what you want, then it’s your life and your decision. Just make sure you consider all the possible repercussions of your choice.

In your late teens, early 20’s it’s easy to become overloaded and stressed about your future. There’s really no need to worry though, you’re just beginning your ascent into adulthood so you have the control and power to make the best decisions for yourself. Whether it means that you get a full-time job or look into other secondary education options, you can decide what path you go down.


If you’re going to stick with it, here’s what to do

  • Talk to a university counsellor: There’s no shame in it, if you need help there are support systems that universities have in place for students struggling to decide what to do.
  • Find another course that interests you: Universities have many courses on offer so the world is your oyster. If you have completed any units from previous semesters, then you can convert credit points to help you get into courses with a higher entry level requirement.
  • Have a support system: This can be family, friends, university clubs, anyone that will help you when you struggle. Having people, you know will be there for you when times get rough is a serious help whilst you’re at university.
  • Stay Organise: Time management is a crucial skill to being a student so if you’re serious about sticking to your guns and getting through however many years of university you have ahead of you, get organised! You don’t want assignments or exams creeping up on you out of nowhere.

By Charlotte Ruddy


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