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Social Media is an incredibly large part of any successful business these days! HiSmile built their entire brand off of the backs of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and they continue to gain momentum through paid advertising and organic feeds to this very day. In particular, a multitude of businesses are now hiring specified social media and marketing professionals to ensure their businesses co-align and maintain relevance with today’s ever-changing media and communications. Evidently, this means that as media and communications students, we have to ensure we do the same!

So, we’ve put together a list of a few social media workshops around Brisbane, with varying prices and aims for each: The first is our main contender for attendance: Hacks/Hackers: Personal Data & The Business Models of Social Media is not only free, but is run by the ABC in conjunction with an Australian Journalism group. They focus on the ins and out of social media, alongside the way in which to present yourself on social media to attain employment without the need for a breach in privacy.


Our second suggestion, Social Media and Marketing & Digitial Retail Operating Success, has a higher end price as it is run by the ARA Retail Institute and focuses heavily on digital retail operations such as opening an online store, selling products and maintaining a successful online presence through the use of social media marketing.

retail workshop

Our third suggestion, !deas Small Business Marketing, is run by a successful small business owner with all of the small business marketing suggestions for social media. It is an incredible opportunity to see the way small business owners are handling social media, social media marketing and how they go about competing against larger, franchised competitors.


The fourth workshop, Put social media to work for your business” is a phenomenally well designed workshop run by the Media School of Australia, the theory and understanding behind social media marketing, and how to create and distribute marketing effectively throughout these platforms is exceptional.

social media course.png

The last one, Social Media for Experts, is less of a suggestion and more of an ideal situation or dream. With a higher price tag than most, and a more specified scope of expertise, we would love the opportunity to attend this seminar workshop, however we understand the price tag is higher than most university students can afford. In particular however, we recommend this workshop as it focuses heavily on industry leaders and influencers and how to change these with the use of expert social media tactics and training.

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By April Ryan


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