How to: Be Graduate Ready

So, you’ve found yourself fast approaching graduation day… your stomach is filled with mixed emotions, excited to finally finish studying..thrilled to start your next chapter in life, and petrified because you don’t feel ready to graduate… Rest assured you’re not alone, many students have the same feeling. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you graduate ready and help you transition from being a student to a working professional in the real world.

Prior to graduation day, it is important to get organised and prepare yourself for the big day. Some preparation can be done a semester in advanced, here are a few things you should do before graduation day:

  • Check your eligibility, do you have enough credits to graduate?
  • Enrol into your final classes
  • Pay any outstanding fees or return any library items
  • Polish your resume
  • Visit a career counsellor at uni
  • Enquire about Internship and get as much work experience as possible

Hooray! The semester is finally almost over, it’s the week leading up to graduation and the nerves are starting to rumble your stomach. So, enjoy what you have left of uni, the sleep-in’s and lazy starts and free time during the day, but come graduation day, there are a few things to prepare for the day:

  • Ensure all your assessments have been processed and marked
  • Purchase your tickets
  • Hire a gown
  • Sort out an outfit
  • Purchase a photography package


Graduation done and dusted! So now what? Well, it can be as simple as Googling! Start on Google and search for related companies, organisations and graduate programs that may interest you. Attend career expos and gain insight on when and where to apply for jobs, how to prepare for interviews and what not to say to your employer on the first day. Get networking and attending events in your industry, meet new people and connect through social media to increase your chances of a job opportunity.

Remember, don’t turn away any opportunities, it could be your foot in the door to a whole new world of opportunities, don’t be afraid to ask questions like “what career prospects does this job have for me?” And remember, work life is much different to what you were used to at uni, be prepared and early, dress accordingly and behaviour in a professional manner. Also, be aware of common courtesy, be respectful towards others and be cautious of appropriate language and mannerism.

By Marina Nassif

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