I met Dom through a mutual friend when I was an uber cool teen, and since I’ve known her, she has always exuded a great amount of energy and is one of those girls who you always catch beaming a perfect smile. So when I heard she was working in a communications role I knew that her bubbly personality and warm nature would be well suited to the industry – and I wasn’t wrong. Even before she had finished her bachelor of journalism degree majoring in public relations, she had already landed herself a full-time position as an in-house marketing and communications manager at Johnson Real Estate.

You can definitely tell there is a strong fire that has been ignited within Dom that has taken her this far in her early career, and what probably differentiates her from some of her fellow graduates of 2015, which have struggled to break into the industry. Even during her studies at Queensland University of Technology her determination scored herself a position as an intern at P4 Group where she progressed as a PR coordinator. The transition from working in a traditional communications agency to an in-house position was quite drastic; with Dom realising the two environments offered a vastly different experience. “Agency environments tend to be faster paced and you can only provide limited hours of work per client. However, agency environments allow you to work across various industries and clients, which keep your workload interesting. In-house allows you to put all your efforts towards the one company, allowing you to truly concentrate all your focus and efforts.”


Having experience in an in-house communications role myself, I could definitely understand where she was coming from especially when she went on to state her most challenging part about her job. “I currently work for a company that has never previously had a communications department and I also work standalone. I’ve had to truly carve out the role as my own, which has been confusing at times and incredibly challenging as the sole responsibilities for communications and marketing activities rest with me.”

Although the work can be difficult at times, considering Dom had no guidance, she does acknowledge that this is what makes her achievements to date much more significant. “One of my favourite parts to this date is seeing coverage come through for your company.

It can be incredibly challenging and frustrating at times to secure positive coverage, so seeing it finally get published is a really great feeling.”

So what next for Dom? “I have a passion for the tourism and travel industry, so I would eventually like to work within a PR role in that particular area”. The one thing I took away from listening to Dom is to just bite the bullet and be a go-getter. Her advice to current students who are nearing graduation is to “Get as much experience as you can! People often get overly focused on grades and do not seek out internships – lets just say I’ve never had employers ask for my grades transcript, however they have always asked about my experience”.

By Vanessa George

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