How To: Follow A New Career Path

By Fraser Barton and Jessie Grewar

Brendan Hertel is well-known within the Rugby Union industry as the Media co-ordinator for the almighty Reds.

However, this wasn’t always the case.

Graduating from University with an Accounting major, Brendan lacked the common knowledge that any media and comms student gains throughout their study.

The transition into this foreign landscape would not have been easy for Hertel. So, how did he overcome the obstacle?


As an intern, Brendan was shown the ropes within a field he had no prior experience of. Over time, he became more accustomed to his role and had created a real-world understanding of the influence and use of media within the Rugby Union industry.

Today, Brendan mans the media for the Reds, role modelling the importance of remaining open to opportunities and new careerpaths.

After all, the average university student enrols before the age of 18. How are we, as young professionals, supposed to be indefinitely sure that this path is how we want to spend the rest of our careers?

Brendan exemplifies the positive opportunity that an internship position can provide to an individual who lacks experience.

Brendan currently heads the internship program at QRU (ironically). According to Brendan’s recent intern, Fraser Barton, there is endless possibility to change career paths following University.qldrugby

‘(Brendan) has shown me that you don’t necessarily have to be from a specific field to excel in the workplace. His accounting degree is yet to assist in his work, but he has guaranteed me that one day it will,’ said Fraser.


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