Interview: Digital Marketing In Sports

Coming into my final semester at QUT, I figured it would be about now to start pinpointing the kind of industries I would like to work in once I graduate. The first industry that came to mind for me was working in the sports industry. After three years interning for different sectors of Australian University Sport and obtaining an accreditation position with Cricket Australia, I decided that that was it for me, the sporting industry had me hooked.  

I have recently been given the opportunity to talk with QUT alumni and Queensland Cricket’s digital marketing coordinator, Nicolas Laube. After speaking with Mr. Laube, it became apparent that sports had a culture of its own – to an extent. Nicholas stated ‘the marketing techniques are no different to marketing and promoting a film, product or video game to their niche and passionate fans, consumers or players’. When related to other sports including QRL or the Lions, for example, he found the sports marketing was unique as the staff were absorbed into the sporting culture as fans and viewers, even though they were just employees.


Although from the outside digital marketing in sports does not seem to be of the highest importance, it is imperative in every way shape and form. Mr Laube says ‘digital is the largest platform to market our teams, fixtures and brand. Our digital identity is crucial and a huge chunk of pie when it comes to representing our organisation’. Meaning there is an opportunity to work with and grow within a sporting organisation for media communications students.


I was intrigued to know what was the biggest shock when started working full time in the sporting industry, as I wished to be as prepared as possible if given the opportunity to work full time. Mr Laube found that the ‘big’ campaigns he assumed a large team of people would be working behind, were only organised and run by a few employees in the company. To me, I also found this a shock as I assumed there would be anywhere up to 50 people from the outside looking in.

After speaking with Nicholas Laube of Queensland Cricket, I feel as though I have further insight into what the industry entails and how important digital marketing is to sporting teams. Although similar to other industries, digital marketing in the sports industry is a driver for fans to stay involved and connected with their teams even in the off season.

By Victoria Nowland

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