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Undertaking an internship at Nova taught me about the different divisions and roles that you can perform when working for radio. Each media organisation has a very distinct format and layout for the different sectors of media. Nova 106.9 is made up of roughly 60 different employees with six different sectors of operation; Management, Production, The Creative Department, Sales and Integration. University teaches us very little about the different roles of media as it’s constantly evolving and changing. However, I enjoyed learning about how Nova operated and found the experience useful in determining what area of media I enjoy and want to pursue when I graduate.

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1)   Management

Management is one of the most important sectors in the company as it ensures each division is working collectively towards the same set of objectives. At Nova, management is in charge of ensuring each sector contributes effectively and efficiently to achieving the organisations vision. The primary method of monitoring the success of the radio station is through the networks ratings. Management closely monitors the ratings of all the on-air programs and ensures each sector is working collectively towards obtaining their overall aim which is to be the highest rated network in Brisbane.

2)   Production

This area deals with the production of on-air shows, music and scheduling. Radio Producers create program content and manage the whole radio production process for both live and recorded programs. They play a key role in the technical aspects of creating what listeners hear. They collaborate with presenters and other program contributors to ensure the content meets established production standard. Radio presenters are also located within this team such as the morning show’s ‘Ash Kip and Luttsy ‘ and afternoon programs’ ‘Kate, Tim and Marty’. The production team meet daily to be briefed by the production manager on the day’s script and scheduling.

3)   Sales

This department manages the networks main revenue and income from advertisers and sponsors. The division’s main role is to sell on-air spots to advertisers, manage client accounts and liaise with sponsors. The Account Manager works closely with production to create an on-air schedule to promote all the paid advertisers. This sector is extremely important as it manages all the stations stakeholder relationships and secures sufficient funding to ensure the stations profitability

4)   Integration/Promotion

Otherwise known as the marketing and promotions department, this area ensures that the network and its sponsors are perceived in a positive manner by society. It organises the ‘Casanova Street Team’ to go out to different paid locations and promote the station by giving away free sponsored goods. The Casanova’s create brand awareness,  encourage brand engagement and ultimately strengthens the relationship between Nova and their listeners. The Integration department also organises the on-air promotions and cash giveaways that can be heard on the radio. They also have the important task of guaranteeing that the sponsors’ and clients’ demands and needs are being met.

After reading this, hopefully you have a better understanding of how a radio station like Nova operates on a daily basis. It is important to think deeply about what area of media most interests you as it can help pave the way for your future career. Pay close attention to the organisational structure as it allows you to understand how it functions effectively.

By Sanda Vesara

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