5 Industry Professionals You Should Be Following on Twitter

Where would we be as social networking gurus without the phenomenon of Twitter? From the age of fourteen I remember routinely logging in every lunch break as I could not bare to miss out on any celeb gossip. Even though I had a username that looked more like morse code than the English language and a bio vowing “Once a Belieber, Always a Belieber”, it’s safe to say my Twitter activity has evolved since my mildly embarrassing tween years. Twitter is an easy and reliable tool to not only keep up with the pop culture mill but gather knowledge and connect with industry professionals from around the world. Below are the top five industry professionals that any media and communication student would benefit from following!

  1. Jay Baer (@jaybaer)

Jay Baer

President of ‘Convince and Convert’, a social media strategy consulting firm, and a New York Times bester seller; Jay Baer is a resourceful contact to follow in regards to digital media. With posts revolving around conversations on industry insights, tips on managing and creating a social media profile as well as links to content marketing masterclasses.

  1. Dorothy Crenshaw (@dorocren)

Dorothy Crenshaw

CEO of PR agency ‘CrenshawComm.com’, Dorothy Crenshaw not only shares content based on the field of PR but also marketing, technology, media and politics.

  1. Tim Burrowes (@mumbrella)

Tim Burrowes

Founder of Mumbrella, a website covering Australia’s media, marketing and entertainment sector and hosts Australian media events, award ceremonies and conferences. Burrowes shares professional opinions on current advertising campaigns as well as today’s news and industry affairs.

  1. Laurel Papworth (@SilkCharm)


Lauren Papworth teaches students the fundamentals of social media campaigns and strategies at University of Sydney and listed in Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencers. She offers her followers one-on-one online consults to overview their social media profiles as well as social media masterclasses. She also doesn’t shy away from sharing her personal views on relatable topics such as the talent show ‘The Voice’ and the odd retweet anyone can laugh along with.

  1. Paul Wallbank (@paulwallbank)

Paul Wallbank

Writer, broadcaster, author and technology correspondent on ABC Local Radio. Paul regularly shares his views on current affairs surrounding the media and communications industry. From trends in journalism to advancements in technology.

By Amelia Napier

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