The 4 Step Guide to Nailing Your Internship

After undertaking a number of internships, it became evident that culture within many media organisations is highly valued. It is important in your first few weeks to observe the collective beliefs, values and attitudes of that particular organisation in order to engage effectively with its culture. By doing this, you can actively endorse and represent your organisation’s’ cultural vision thereby ensuring your status as a valued member in your respective organisation.

I know it can be really daunting finding your place within an organisation, especially as an intern. The pressure is high as you have a short period of time to make a lasting impression. But it doesn’t have to be a scary or stressful thing as long as you follow these key tips.


  1. Be courteous, be kind and be on time!

Like your mother always says, don’t forget your manners! Firstly, don’t be late. I know this seems like a very obvious tip, however, it’s perhaps one of the most important. I can also assure you that a positive and kind-hearted person will go a lot further in any organisation than one that displays an uncaring personality. The easiest way to leave a good impression is by simply showing your potential employers that you are a polite, compassionate and thoughtful person first-hand.

Within the first few weeks, you should be able to observe how employees interact with each other and use this as a guide for your own behaviour. If the environment is very formal, then you must display a very professional manner, avoiding things such as slang terminology. However, if your environment is very relaxed then you may be more casual in your interactions with members.

2. Have Confidence!  

Confidence is another key characteristic in a business environment.  Even if you have a timid or shy personality, it is important to portray a sense of confidence in both your personal and professional abilities. This means having the confidence to engage in conversation or debate with other team members. Confidence significantly increases your ability to thrive in social situations and cultivate successful relationships. Being confident means believing you are capable and competent in handling any situation. Displaying a certainty in yourself will prove to your employers that you deserve to be there and will eliminate any doubts they have. A crucial first step is to introduce yourself to new people by firmly shaking their hand and confidently stating your first and last name.

3. Work Hard

Showing your fellow employers that you are dedicated to your work will prove that you share the organisations collective vision by striving to reach their goals. Coming in earlier or staying later then your usual working hours is a great way to prove your commitment and devotion as it shows a genuine willingness to excel at the task at hand.

4. Play Harder

It doesn’t matter how hard you work, you will never truly be able to thrive in an organisation without the trust and support of your colleagues. Socialising with your co-workers outside of work scenarios is essential to building prosperous relationships. As people tend to put on a business persona at work, the only opportunity to get to know them on a deeper level is in a more intimate setting. It’s as simple as having lunch with your colleagues or going for that end of week work drink.  Strengthening this connection will not only help to boost your career prospects by expanding your network list, but will make for a more pleasant and enjoyable working environment. Who knows, you may even make a few great friends! However, a word of wisdom… don’t forget your boundaries as you still have to maintain your professionalism, reputation and the respect of others!

By Sanda Vesara

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