First Impressions Count: How to Dress for An Interview

Choose An Outfit

Like they say, you can never be too overdressed. First encounters with employers make a lasting impression, so make sure you’re dressed for the part.

A great starting point is to think of how you would represent their company in the position and mirror that. For instance, you would endeavour to be professional and conservative in a work environment. Professional clothing means a dress shirt and pants for men and pants or a pencil skirts with a blouse for the ladies. By conservative, we mean something suitable for an office environment, and not picking a midriff you may have worn to Stereo 2016.

Colours also play an important part. Neutrals are the safe choice, so maybe leave your fluros and metallics for the weekend.

Ladies, you can accessorise but keep it simple. Remember, less is more. Choose simple studs and a necklace, as opposed to that velvet choker you picked up at Collette last week.

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The Final Look

This simple yet classic look is sure to a give a great first impression. For example, as seen below, a loose fitted white button down shirt paired with black dress pants and a cute pair of flats create the ultimate chic yet corporate look.

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Pamper Yourself

Now boys, a slick hair-do, fresh shave and some collagen can be your staple routine. But ladies have a bit more to consider!

Keep it simple! Rocking up to a corporate interview with a face full of makeup, eyelashes and all, might not present the ‘professional’ image you’re going for. So aim for a natural and neutral look – a little bit of foundation, powder, bronzer, a nude lipstick and some mascara to make your eyes pop!

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Now I was always taught that short hair is fine to be out but long hair should consider an up-do. A Slick pony-tail or tight bun can really give a professional touch.

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Whilst we can’t exactly promise that these style tips will 100% guarantee you get the job, they do help boost your confidence and let you put your best foot forward!

By Nicola Pappadopoulos, Sanda Vesara, Saki Abe

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