Coffee Meetings Or Potential Job Interviews?

Have you ever been in the situation where you’ve met an industry professional, and you want to keep in contact with them, but you just can’t find the perfect scenario to do so? Well, do we have the answer for you! A Coffee Meeting!

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Coffee meetings are a great way to let a potential employer know that you are interested in not only their work but also keeping yourself up to date with what’s happening in the industry. These meetings give a light hearted, relaxed environment that give both you and your guest an opportunity to find out who each other are and what their goals are. Nathan, 22, is the perfect example of where a casual coffee meeting turned into a job interview and later, a job offer! Nathan met with a connection over coffee, to discuss what he wanted to do after graduating from university, not expecting anything other than a friendly chat. A week later, Nathan received a phone call and was offered a digital marketing and social media position in the company. Here are our top 5 hints to turn a friendly catch up over coffee into a potential job interview the same way Nathan did!

  1. Pick a location that is close to their place of work – this gives you the opportunity to see their place of work and potentially meet a couple of the companies’ other employees.
  2. It may be a relaxed environment but still dress to impress! How you present yourself is always included in their first impression of you.
  3. Be sure to bring your business card as well as ask for theirs. This is a perfect way to stay in contact with them, and gives them to opportunity to get back in contact with you too!
  4. If you set up the coffee meeting, be sure to offer to pay for both parties. This is so to show that you are kind and appreciate them giving you the time to have a chat.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask what makes a good employee and what they look for in an employee; this shows that you are interested in their workplace and am looking to grow in the industry.

If you follow these five simple hints, you will be well on your way to a successful coffee meeting!

By Victoria Nowland

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