An International Student’s Perspective On Studying Media And Communication In Australia

I first came to Australia from China for high school. I found Australia to be a friendly and multicultural country full of new experiences. After graduating, I decided to study in Brisbane because I wanted to experience a different tertiary education system from that of China.  I saw it as an excellent opportunity to improve my English, meet new people and learn new things. It was also a great opportunity for me to learn more about Western media and communication industries and practices.

Why I Chose To Study Media and Communication

Studying media and communication allows me to express freedom of creativity. I am interested in music, photography and film. This degree has allowed me to explore all of these areas extensively. Whilst media and communication is offered as a course in China, it is a lot more practical in Australia. Rather than continuous writing and book work, like in China, Australian students are given the chance to do practical tasks.. During my studies I have had the chance to interview a few Brisbane celebrities as well as design a magazine. This allows me a hands on approach to learning the ins and outs and best practices of the industry.


What I Have Learnt 

Previously, I did not know much about the media and communication industry in Australia. Completing this degree has completely changed this. I now feel like I have a thorough understanding of Australia’s media and communication industry as well as a firm grip on local cultures and customs. Back in China, InDesign is not available for public use. One of my design classes, however, required use of the program and I struggled immensely having no concept of what it was or what this ‘Adobe’ thing was either. Towards the end of semester after hours of practice, I became a pro. This is just one of the many new things I have learnt throughout my studies that I would not have the chance to experience in China.

The Biggest Challenges I Have Faced 

English is my second language so expression and grammar has been my biggest challenge whilst studying media and communication. At times, I find it difficult to convey messages to people. A number of international students, I have found, avoid studying media and communication because of its strictness with language and grammar. The degree, however, has helped me to improve my English and allows me a differentiated and unique experience that I am able to bring home to China. In the near future, I hope to put to use the skills I have learnt and help make changes to improve China’s media and communication industry.

For all my fellow international students who are considering what course to study, I definitely recommend studying media and communication. Whilst there are some challenges to overcome, it is a fantastic opportunity to experience and learn something new.

By Ivy Zhang

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