An Insight Into Global Branding With Lorna Jane’s Marketing Manager

Lorna Jane has become an international branding success. From humble beginnings, the activewear brand quickly became the global leader for all things women’s fitness and fashion. Much of the global company’s success is owed to its smart marketing techniques and campaigns. The company’s ‘Move, Nourish, Believe’ mantra, once a simple slogan, has transpired into a fitness movement with nation wide events and pop-up shops inspiring women to get active everywhere. These engaging, customer-to- customer marketing events has put Lorna Jane and its marketing team on the global map.


Leading the way for other brands, Lorna Jane’s branding techniques have reinvented traditional forms of advertising. The brand hasn’t just created a loyal consumer base but a community. We were lucky enough to sit down with the fitness giant’s Marketing Manager Jessie, to get the insight on what it’s like to work for the brand, how she scored the job, and lessons that she learnt along the way.

Straddl: Hi Jessie, thanks so much for joining us! Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Jessie:  Hi I’m Jessie. I have been with the Lorna Jane brand for 4 years.  My role at LJ involves everything from dreaming up creative concepts all the way to execution .I am a lover of fitness and fashion. I love to spend my weekends with friends, family and playing with my puppy Bella.

Straddl: Who doesn’t? Dogs and friends equal the perfect weekend! So tell us, did you study at university?

Jessie: Yes I did. I studied a Bachelor of Business in Innovation and Enterprise and also have a Diploma in Marketing and HR. I chose to study because I had a lot of pressure from my parents to do so, but also because it would open the door to other opportunities, as business is quite diverse in terms of which direction you want to go.

Straddl: Did you complete any internships before being an employee at Lorna Jane? If so, did the internships assist you in succeeding in your career at Lorna Jane?

Jessie: No I didn’t actually. I went straight from university right into the workforce. I guess I was lucky because I gained a lot of experience from working, and that put me in a good position job-wise. When I graduated I was working for Just Jeans as a retail associate and that is when I fell in love with retail. When I graduated, I got my first real world job at a marketing company which turned out to be for a cold call company. I then moved to Australia and worked as an inventory merchandiser for Colorado group. I worked my way up the ladder at Colorado group, expressing my interest in Marketing and eventually secured the job of Marketing Manager for the company. From there I had a number of other industry jobs which eventually landed me as Marketing Manager for Lorna Jane.


Straddl: So how did you know you wanted to be a part of this industry?

Jessie: From working in retail at university I fell in love with the customer connection and pace of retail. In studying Marketing my favourite subject was Consumer Behaviour. It combined both my loves.

Straddl:  A term that is referred to a lot in this industry is “it’s not what you know, but who you know”. Do you agree with this?

Jessie: Yes this is true. Both my recent roles were due to referrals from people I previously worked with. It always pays to get on with everyone in life as you will never know who will be your future boss or will have influence in your later career.


Straddl: What has working for such a global brand like Lorna Jane taught you about the industry? What do you know now that you wish you could have known as a university student?

Jessie: That you need to change every day, what worked before might not work again. You need to continually evolve to stay ahead of the customer. Reinvention is the key to success. I think it is also important that you can have a career you enjoy. If you get excited about your job and have passion for it then you will never work a day.

Straddl: What is the best advice you could give readers, hoping to work for a company like Lorna Jane in a similar position to you?

Jessie:  Never be afraid to take on board new challenges thrown your way and that you can’t be too precious about your ideas. The best ideas don’t come out of one head. It is important to be collaborative and a part of a team in your career.

By Emily Fitzgibbons and Kate Healy

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