Have you ever sat in a lecture or a tutorial and heard that student boasting about all of the internships they’ve done? Or how they‘ve already landed their dream job, while listing all of the amazing industry connections they have and you’re just there like:


It may seem like some people have all the luck, but the truth is that they probably got there through hard work and persistence.  As the author and beloved inspirational writer Zig Ziglar once wrote: there is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs.

Straddl can confirm that this is the reality for many aspiring university students who are slowly creeping up to the final years of their degree with a flame burning at their rear end telling them to “hurry up and dip your toes into the industry”.

If you’re one of those students, never fear! A large majority of students have that crippling anxiety of not knowing what their industry is really like, or if they will actually enjoy it, and how to “get across it”.

Are you one of those students?

If so, hello! We are the Straddl team, a student run website dedicated to aspiring Media and Communication professionals.

Who are we you may ask?

We are a team of proficient, aspiring and driven students based in Brisbane, QLD.

Our team consists of current Media and Communication undergraduates who each have unique skills in many different areas of our studies and we are now putting these to work. We utilise industry skills such as journalism, marketing, managing, and collaboration to provide engaging content, advice and insight on the media and communication industry for other aspiring young professionals.


What exactly do we do and why?

Our tagline ‘Get across it’ speaks for itself. We aim to get across Brisbane’s Media and Communication industry and provide helpful, inspiring and quality content with the end goal of informing and inspiring our readers.

Inform: The current lack of discussion surrounding the Brisbane Media & Communication industry inspired our conception. We want to provide a platform that shares the unique student experiences in the professional workplace, insight into the current industry trends and media and communication related entertainment.

Provide: We as a team provide you with a diversity of articles, interviews and videos that are all focussed on the current industry. This fulfils our goals of providing amazing opportunities for you as a reader to gain first hand knowledge and understanding of the industry through a number of Media and Communication professionals and business we are connected with.

Inspire: We aim to spark a passion in you, as students and, inspire you to go out and make the most of every opportunity. The relevant knowledge we share with you about the industry will lessen the nerve-racking thought of taking that staircase into the real world.


The Straddl team are overjoyed to announce our relaunch of the website with new shiny, polished and professional content. You can get across all of our content through Straddl’s official website, and its social media platforms of Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

We hope to provide content to as many industry-hungry students as we can and become the shoulder that aspiring media and communication professionals lean on. We all need a little comfort, insight and opportunity into this ever growing and constantly changing industry.

From all of us here at Straddl, we would like nothing more than for everyone to: GET ACROSS IT.

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