A Day in the Life of a PR, Media and Communications Intern

I sat down with Media and Communication student, Tess Catiglione, to gain an insight into her experience as an intern. Tess has completed numerous internships in the PR sector of the Media and Communication industry, and discusses her typical day in the life as an intern through a quick interview and Snapchat footage.

1. Being a student and gaining your first internship can be quite challenging, how did you manage to obtain your internships and what advice would you give students who are seeking one?

I found it quite daunting and challenging when trying to find a suitable internship position. However, I kept an open mind and was willing to take any position, as I believe that any experience in the industry is essential in building the knowledge and skills that you cannot learn just in your degree.

I applied for countless internship positions that were advertised on various websites. I ended up successfully obtaining a position at KD Public Relations by emailing them an inquiry with my Cover Letter and CV even though they had not advertised for any internship positions. My advice to anyone trying to find an internship is to be open to any position (making sure it’s a safe and welcoming environment) and to apply to any company that appeals to you even if they are not advertising.

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2. What kind of tasks do you usually get assigned to do in a usual day at your internship?

As my internship is at a PR agency, I work on various tasks assigned to me by the consultants on any of the agency clients, so each day is different. My tasks range from creating media lists, conducting social media audits or competitor analyses, writing stories/articles, attending an interview that the Brisbane Times was conducting for a client, to researching social media personalities. I have done these tasks and more for a number of the agency’s clients in my 6 weeks there (I intern one day per week).

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3. What are some things you have learnt about the industry through your internship that surprised you?

It really surprised me just how broad the PR industry really is. Every day is different and there are so many things for me still to learn.

4. What’s one of the most valuable things you’ve learnt working in the industry?

I’ve further learned the value that social media can have on small business trying to make it big in their industry. Without the PR agency assisting them with their social media accounts, there can be major setbacks in the company gaining notoriety from their target audience and reaching their KPI’s.

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5. What advice would you give students looking to get into PR?

My advice would firstly be to take any and every experience you can get, even if it is not directly in the PR industry. I have not worked at PR agency before but I was able to bring my skills in communication, social media, and event organization to the team because of previous experience I had done. The other advice I would give would be to always have confidence in what you are doing and always ask questions if you are unsure of a certain task – it’s so much better to clarify this with someone else so that you can produce your best possible work!

By Issy McAnally

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