Social media is at the forefront for promoting and advertising new businesses. It has become prevalent in today’s society for young entrepreneurs and freelancers to find success  by using social media applications to reach their desired audience.

If you have that light bulb idea but are struggling in the area of growth, here are three tips from Marketing and Social Media Coordinator for Mura Boutique, Taylin Davis, on how to use social media to develop your brand and increase your following.

  1. Know Your Audience

Post things that are relevant to your target audience. You will start to see some trends in the content that performs better than others. However, don’t get stuck in the same old structure. Find new ways to present the content you know your audience loves.

  1. Be Transparent

Social media is instant. Sometimes people will use the platforms to express their opinions, ask you for information or to complain. Authentically and honestly answering customers goes a long way and will make the brand seem more genuine and relatable. It will also show other people how your company deals with things. Everyone can see a customer’s comment but everyone can also see how you choose to respond!

  1. Be Engaging

There are a lot of brands out there trying to sell a lot of different products. You need to make your content special to cut through all the digital noise. It is important to keep up with competitors, but it is also important to lead the way. Especially in fashion e-commerce, the market is pretty saturated so you need to give people a reason to choose you over others.

By Kate Healy


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