The beginning of any internship can be nerve-wracking, so here are some handy tips on what to take, and how to start your first day right.

First things first, a reliable bag is a must. Large enough to carry the following items but also stylish so you can simultaneously improve your image whilst carrying the necessities.

A number of other items ensure you make a first impression as excellent as you are. While watches themselves allow you to be prompt and timely, it also improves your look. Hair ties for the longer haired population is necessary to ensure you are looking smart and belong in a professional environment.


If you need glasses or contacts remember to bring them! There’s nothing worse then spending a day squinting and ignoring headaches because your eyes need a piece of glass to work properly. Going through that once is once too many.

It’s important to plan your journey out at least the night before, to reduce stress and ensure you arrive promptly on your first day. Make sure your Go Card is topped up – nothing more embarrassing than boarding a bus and having to get off because ‘INSUFFICIENT FUNDS’. A battery pack is also required as a backup just in case you get lost. We all know how quickly GPS can drain an iPhone battery.

As technology continues to improve the efficiency of simple tasks such as note taking, a notebook and pen are still crucial. Internships are about learning and note taking is going to be your best asset for this. The usual suspects of lunch, money, snacks and water bottle are all essential to ensure you can make the most of your breaks. Mints are great to keep fresh – no one at the office wants to smell the remnants of your onion bagel well into the afternoon.


The last thing on your list to pack isn’t something you can touch or buy but is equally important as everything else so far – CONFIDENCE. Walk into your internship with your head held high, smiling from ear to ear and eager to learn.

We are confident that if you follow this guide to the T, your first day will be amazing guaranteed.

by Georgina Fleming