Hollywood provides a glimpse into the world of media, journalism, marketing and other creative industries

Whilst getting your foot in the door in the media and communication industry might be hard, streaming a movie or TV show on Netflix isn’t. Want to get a glimpse inside your preferred industry? Whether you want to work in media, marketing, fashion or advertising, there’s a movie, TV show or documentary that can provide you with a look inside the industry. Here are a few of our favourites:

So Cosmo (TV Show, 2017)

Newly released reality television series, So Cosmo, provides viewers with an understanding about how women’s magazine, Cosmopolitan, remains such a global success. Follow the staff behind one of the largest women’s magazines in the world, understand their role in the magazine and how they have to adapt to fashion and digital trends to produce a popular magazine in a time when print publications are declining.


Mad Men (TV Show, 2015)

Set in 1960’s New York, Don Draper (Jon Hamm) fights to stay on top in the high-pressure and ruthless world of Madison Avenue advertising. Watch as he, and many other men and women of the firm, compete for the top spot in this ego-driven world whilst juggling a family.


Girlboss (Netflix Original TV series, 2017)

Inspired by the best-selling book by Sophia Amoruso, this Netflix Original series (set in 2006) follows the rise of Amoruso’s multi-million dollar fashion empire, Nasty Gal. Rebellious Sophia (Britt Robertson) is struggling to stay afloat and pay rent, when she stumbles upon the idea to sell vintage clothing online via Ebay. As her passion for vintage clothing develops into a fashion empire, she finds herself becoming a businesswoman who begins to understand the difficulties of being her own boss and value of the Internet.


The Internship (Movie, 2013)

Impacted by the digital age, two salesmen (Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson) have to adapt to the developing sales industry in order to survive. After landing an internship at Google, the two men must compete with the younger, more tech-savvy generation for the chance of employment.


The Intern (Movie, 2015)

Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) seizes the opportunity to get back into the workforce at 70 years old by becoming a senior intern at an online fashion site. Whilst it focuses on the relationship between Ben and his new boss, Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) who is also the founder of the company, a lot can be learned about start-up companies and their rewards and difficulties, both commercially and personally.


The Devil Wears Prada (Movie, 2006)

After recently graduating from college with the hope of becoming a journalist in New York City, Andy (Anne Hathaway) settles for a job at the infamous Runway magazine as an assistant to cutthroat editor Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep). Whilst questioning how her current job helps her journalism career, she must learn to survive in the fashion industry under stressful working conditions.


What Women Want (Movie, 2000)

Advertising executive and alpha male, Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) gets a whole new lease on life when a fluke accident gives him the power to read women’s minds. Nick soon realises that he can use this power for his own personal gain – to outwit his new boss (Helen Hunt) and secure the new major client, Nike, by creating an advertising campaign for the untapped fitness market for women.


Liberty of London (TV show, 2014)

This series goes behind the scenes at one of London’s oldest department stores, Liberty. From meeting the staff and customers to going behind the scenes with fabric designers, to trying to boost sales at New York Fashion Week, this series covers multiple industry aspects that make Liberty the global success it is today.


Although these shows and movies can provide a small insight into what life might be like in certain industries; be sure to remember that they are also made for the purpose of entertainment, that experiences can be exaggerated and industries are frequently changing. Hopefully one day you’ll be working in your dream industry and will get the chance to compare fiction to reality!

by Rachel Shaw