by Teresa Hang

One of the questions you are very likely to be asked at a future job interview is, “What do you know about the industry in which you wish to enter?” You have two options. Option 1: Umm and ahhh your way through the answer. Option 2: Educate yourself. Start learning about the industry in which you one day hope to be working in and develop your understanding of the industry, so you can then answer these questions with confidence. Your answer to this question is also a great opportunity to show employers your commitment, passion and enthusiasm for that particular career path. You no longer need to fork out money for newspapers and magazines to stay industry informed. There are a number of easily accessible and, most importantly, FREE online sources that will provide you with up-to-date news and information on the media and communication industry.


Here are some of our favourites to keep bookmarked:


Mumbrella is an online source that discuses everything media and marketing in Australia. The site shares industry related news, unique opinion pieces and interesting feature articles. The most valuable part of the site is Mumbrella’s FYI section which features industry relevant media releases all in one place.


Bandt is a brand that provides information on marketing, media and advertising. Their online channel updates daily with news, events and jobs in the media and communications industry. Bandt also invites anyone to become co-contributors to their site. If you have something you want to say (that is relevant and of interest to their readers), it is an excellent opportunity to get your name on a piece of content that could be read by thousands.

Marketing Mag

If you are majoring in Marketing or wish to get into the marketing Industry, then Marketing Mag is where it’s at. Marketing Mag prides themselves on being able to provide content that helps marketers excel. News articles and opinion pieces are all directly related to the marketing industry and help put in layman’s terms the trends and conclusions drawn from intricate data and research. An extremely useful feature of Marketing Mag is that each article has an estimated time frame on how long it takes to be read – a site that informs as well as helps you manage your time!


Don’t mind us, just a bit of gratuitous self promotion. Straddl provides a unique outlook on the Brisbane media and communication industry by harnessing perspectives and experiences from students as well as professionals. We aim to be informative as well as engaging and entertaining by connecting with our readers through our website and social media channels.

You go to university and get a degree so you can work in the industry, but what do you actually know about that industry? Educating yourself gives you a competitive edge and also allows you to make more informed career decisions. Remember, it’s never too early to get across it!