So you’re starting your real world workplace experience internship. You’ll be nervous, excited, and not sure what to expect.

The first thing is, that’s perfectly fine.

No one in their university years fully understands what their life will entail, be it their choice of degree or where their degree will take them. But the most important aspect is making the most of your time, and immersing yourself in as much as you can.
Internship opportunities Brisbane based and abroad are just the same.

Applying for internships in Brisbane

When I began applying for internships, the first thing that came to mind was applying for an internship at places where I knew I would enjoy myself.

Enjoyment should be your number one priority; you don’t want your first experience in the industry to be one that conflicts with your work ethic or leaves you unsatisfied.

Applying to the Queensland Rugby Union was a no-brainer for me. The concept of combining my love of sport and journalism presented a chance to work in a professional environment I’d never been exposed to before. This would be my first time working in an office environment, and what better way to do so than through a sport I loved. It was this aspect that sealed the deal for me, even before I applied for the position. Sport is something I’m passionate about, and I’ve been aiming to work in the sports journalism/media field my entire life.

The hot tip here is to stick to your strengths, find out what you enjoy and go with that. If you love fashion, film, reporting, art or anything creative, find a field that you see yourself excelling and working hard in. That’s what employers are looking for, a can-do attitude with an abundance of ideas to bring to the table.

Turning internships into career opportunities

Upon the completion of my professional internship at the QRU, it was important to reflect on the aspects of work I had become accustomed to, what new skills I had learned, and the networks that were created through liaising with industry professionals. I now have a plethora of contacts within the Australian rugby community, of which many have been in contact with me for further work opportunities.


To successfully intern, you need to step out of your comfort zone and ask any question that comes to mind. Immerse yourself in all the work you’re provided with and look for extra opportunities to get involved, because you never know where that one chance will take you.

Another pro tip for interning is to set goals for your experience. For example, when I conducted my internship I wanted to further my video and photo editing skills. To do so, I dedicated a few hours a week to listen and learn from the QRU’s head design and editor who taught me the tricks of the trade in Photoshop, and how to quickly cut and edit videos in a high-paced environment.

Goals are a great way to develop new skills, but they also set targets to work hard for – which your employer will love to see.

Make the most of every minute you intern. Talk and liaise with all departments your firm/organisation has to offer and learn about the work they produce on a daily basis. Network, share contacts and immerse yourself in the diversity that is the workplace, because everyone comes from different backgrounds and fields. If I can narrow it down to one specific trait, the one thing employers look out for in a graduate student is workplace experience. industry relevant Internships provides you that all-important industry knowledge and understanding, so make the most of it!

By Fraser Barton

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