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It’s a competitive world out there – especially in the media industry and communication industry. Finding work experience or internships and eventually securing your dream job are some of the biggest challenges students face. Below are some tips to ensure your resume stands out from the crowd and help you better your chances at being called up for an interview!

Resume Hint One

The Name Game

It’s extremely important to know the name of the HR coordinator or manager you’re reaching out to at the company. Doing this ensures your resume and cover letter are personalised to the company and it also shows that you’ve done your research. A big NO (capital N!) when beginning your cover letter is to address it to ‘whom it may concern’. This is quite impersonal and shows little attention to detail.

Resume Hint Two

The Layout

Your resumes layout not only showcases to potential employer your skills but also shows them a bit of who you are. In the media and communication industry, your resume layout should reflect both your personality, and the particular industry you’re applying for. Your resume layout should be interesting, professional, and presentable.

Designing the layout yourself through programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator is great. It personalises your resume and is also a chance to show off your skills in using these programs. If using design software isn’t exactly a strength of yours, there are plenty of online resources where you can download resume templates that suit your professional identity in a creative and individualised way. Some of the websites you can purchase these templates include Creative Market and Etsy. Search sites such as Pinterest are also great for inspiration on your particular industry’s resumes.

Resume Hint Three

Keep It Short and Relevant

Keep your resume short and sweet. The best resumes are no longer than 2 pages. Only include information that is relevant to the position you’re applying for. . Clouding them with information that is not appropriate to the role at all could have the opposite effect. HR can easily spot applicants who have used excessive resume “padding” – i.e. exaggerating responsibilities and skills etc.

Resume Hint Four

Personalise Your Strengths, Attributes and Values To The Company

Research the company’s website and social media to gain a detailed understanding of their culture before writing your resume. Mentioning key terms and phrases in your resume from their website, demonstrates to the employer that you have an excellent understanding of their corporate culture and gives you an opportunity to show how you may fit into it.

Resume Hint Five

Send Your Resume as a PDF

This varies between different HR teams but I have heard from many higher ups that resumes in Doc format will be read LAST and in some extreme cases, completely disregarded Most HR managers have a preference for PDF and consider Doc format highly unprofessional. Just a word of caution.

By Issy McAnally

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