Media and Communications Internships

It is the final year of your media and communications degree and you’re looking for the elusive media internship, communications Internship or even both! Your classmates seem to know the career path they want to take . They are all securing internships or graduate positions. You, on the other hand, have no clue if this media thing is even for you, let alone what specific career you want to pursue.

This was the position I was in a few months ago. Luckily, I found out about another option. This option provided me with insight into the media and communication industry. Insight impossible to obtain from a university setting. Best of all, it exposed me to the realities of the industry – all in the space of two weeks!

Communication Careers

I ventured on a two-week study tour of the media and communications world in Sydney to provide real insight into careers for communications majors . We visited key media organisations such as Newscorp, BuzzFeed, SBS, ABC, Sky News and Junkee Media. I met a range of professionals, each with different roles and experiences. They gave me advice about what I needed to do both in the present and in the future to increase my employability. I learnt about what their jobs entailed on a daily basis, not only by hearing about it but also by observing it.

There were some real eye openers for me. I realised very quickly what sounded like a media career I wanted to pursue and even quicker the ones I did not. I got to road test future employers and work environments. I did not have to spend 12 weeks as an intern in a position I hated from day one.

Communications Networking

Better yet, the experience allowed me to begin building a professional media and communications network. I created contacts with professionals including the founder of Mad Paws (Airbnb for pets), Alexis Soulopoulos. I mingled with major players in the industry whilst working behind the scenes of Mumbrella 360 (Australia’s leading international conference for media and communication). I even got to meet the Bachelor’s Osher Gunsberg, that’s right ladies,

O S H E R.

Still not convinced? Perhaps this will do it. Essentially, you get to spend a couple of weeks with a great bunch of people participating in many ‘extra-curricular’ activities. There are cocktail parties, dinners and TV studio audiences. If Sydney does not tickle your fancy, study tours are available for India (Bollywood), NYC, Singapore and even Europe.

I almost forgot to mention, you get credit for it. That’s right, you heard me. Two weeks counts as 12 credit points, an entire unit. You still have two assessments to complete BUT they are probably the most enjoyable assessments you will get the chance to do at university.

Whether you are confused about career decisions in the media and communication industry or you just want a different experience that looks great on your resume then perhaps it is time to consider a study tour.

By Nicole Muscat

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