Eloise Logan is a QUT alumni who graduated in December 2016 with a Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Media and Communications degree. During her final semester of university, Eloise landed a graduate position in the trading department at a funky media agency, Ikon Communications.  We were lucky enough to spend the afternoon with Eloise and gain a firsthand insight into the industry.

What is your favourite part about your job?

First and foremost, I absolutely love the people I get to work and interact with. I work with a very diverse group of creative people from all corners of the earth. I also really enjoy the strategic side of my role, I get to decide what combination of media channels and solutions is right for my particular client.

Is this the job you thought you would be doing once you graduate?

Towards the end of my degree I had absolutely no clue what I was going to be doing once I graduated. I realised I didn’t want to go into PR which is what I majored in so I decided to focus more on the communications side of my degree. So to an extent, it was what I imagined, but I didn’t think I would be so lucky in landing something so soon.

Is your job how you expected it to be when you first agreed to take the position?

Yes and no. When I first applied for the position I thought it would be more creative, like I would actually be creating the content. When I was offered the job in trading I was a little disappointed at first, but since starting I have loved learning new skills and doing more of the strategic work.

Does this job directly relate to your degree?

There are some aspects of my degree that have been directly transferable into my work, but there are some areas of my degree that I probably won’t ever use. Units like strategic speech, professional communication and media and communication industries were especially useful when I first started at Ikon.

How did you find juggling full time work and full time uni?

It was super difficult. I was only meant to be working part time, but because we became so busy I would have to miss tutorials and lectures and it was easy to fall behind. I just had to put in 110% because I knew I only had a couple of months left at uni and I really wanted to make a good impression at work. Unfortunately, I had to make sacrifices in my social life but it was definitely the right move and one I would make again.

Do you have any tips for graduating students who are wanting to enter the media and communications industry?

Just give it a go! Don’t be scared to apply for positions you think you don’t have a chance at, because I thought that about Ikon. I remember telling my friend after I had the interview that it was a long shot and I’d be very surprised if I got the job. You never know, one moment of courage could completely change your future.

What do you find the most interesting about the media and communication industry? Or what about this industry excites you the most?

I love how it adapts to new trends in culture and technology. It is an industry that is always changing and improving and I’m excited to see where it goes next. I also love how every brand is different and there are so many ways we can connect and engage people with the brands they love.

By Olivia O’Donnell

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