Going into my final year as a Media and Communications student I thought it was essential to take part in an internship and get some real life, hand-on experience before graduating. As I sat down to apply for places to do my internship I thought about the kinds of businesses I could see myself working for.

I have been a long time reader and participator of The Urban List, often using it to pick my Saturday night dinner destination, so when I saw their page on my Facebook newsfeed I decided to give it a shot and send them an email. The application process wasn’t particularly easy. You can imagine people working in busy offices have a lot of important emails to reply to before they get to ones from students wishing to intern. After emailing a number of times I still hadn’t heard back so decided to give them a call. The phone call then lead to an interview, and a week later I was sitting at a desk starting my first day at The Urban List Brisbane.

My internship experience has been extremely rewarding and I have learnt a lot about myself, the industry and my future. Throughout my time at The Urban List I have been able to write multiple articles that have featured on their page and website, from things like “Brisbane’s Best Haloumi Everything” to “7 New Openings To Check Out This Weekend” and “Best Gluten Free Dinners in Brisbane“. Seeing my own writing published on a public forum was an extremely satisfying experience, along with being given control of their Facebook and Instagram pages. Besides from the fun and ‘glamourous’ side of the internship, I was also able to see the hard work and nitty gritty that goes into running a website like The Urban List. I learnt a lot about the communication aspects of a company, the administration, planning and organisation that goes into every single article, as well as the boring stuff like updating spreadsheets and the backend. Before doing this internship I don’t think I truly understood how important that stuff was.

Despite everything I learnt at my internship, one of the main things I will take away from it is the importance of putting yourself out there and taking risks. I never would have gained that amazing experience if I hadn’t followed up those emails and made myself known to the people at The Urban List. It taught me how important it is to not give up if you have some setbacks and this is likely to happen numerous times in your career. If you’re passionate enough about something and willing to put yourself out there, you never know what might happen.

By Anna Jefferis

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