Advice on how to be a stand out graduate from a millennial entrepreneur.

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Imagine this: you have graduated from your media and communications degree and within three years, you have built your own successful media business. This was the dream that became a reality for Rebecca (Becca) Saunders, Director and Head of Content at The Deli Agency. After graduating in the UK from Media and Communications/Journalism in 2010, and moving to Sydney in 2012, the media visionary began bringing her dreams to fruition.

Becca understood the importance of customer service from her years working in the hospitality industry. By combining this experience with her knowledge of the media and communications field, she was able to identify a gap in the media production market. Knowing the ridiculous price that companies were paying for simple video content, Becca decided she could shake up the industry by providing a respectable and fairly priced service. In October 2013 she started her video production company, The Deli Agency.

Since then, the millennial entrepreneur has expanded her business rapidly and now operates out of offices in Sydney, with staff underneath her and a team of almost 350 audio, visual and editing contractors. The business has now expanded into social media management due to the success of her innovative approach to video content.

We asked Becca what her top tips were for new graduates entering the world of media and communications for the first time. This was her advice:

1. Get Talking

Talk to strangers! You never know who you are sitting next to on the train or standing next to in a lift. That one conversation may lead you into the opportunity of a lifetime! Also while everyone promotes networking, be sure to spend your time making valuable connections, not just networking for the sake of it.

2. Fail Fast, Fail Foward

Don’t be afraid to fail. Failing is a chance to grow so make sure you learn from it and use that knowledge to try again.

3. Speak Your Mind

Don’t hold back just because you’re new to the industry. As millennials, we have grown up with social media and know the platforms well. Trust your gut as you likely understand it better than your more mature co-workers. Just be sure to do it in a respectful way.

4. Skill Up

The media landscape is one of the fastest moving industries of our time. Everyone is learning as they go as social media platforms are constantly changing so make sure you stay on top of it.

5. Switch Off

In an industry that is almost completely online or on a technological device, Becca is a huge believer in ‘tech free time’ and implements it across her company. Tech free time allows creative minds to have an hour or so a day to completely switch off, which Becca believes promotes creativity.

6. Be a Flamingo in A Flock of Pigeons 

I will leave that one to your imaginations.

Amazing advice from an amazing woman! Thank you, Becca!

Check out The Deli Agency here.

By Jo Mills

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