So you’re starting to think about what university course you want to study, maybe you’re looking to change degrees or disciplines, or maybe you’re simply looking to add an edge to your skills and experience. Regardless of what you’re looking for, a degree in media and communications is the perfect degree to complement your passion. Whether you’re studying law, nutrition science, information technology, public health or business — a media and communications degree will take your skills to the next level. I’ve asked three students studying a media and communications dual degree about what they think. Here is their advice:

1. “Media and Communications advances my verbal communication skills”

Vanessa George, 22, is a fifth year Law/Media and Communication student. Vanessa says: “studying a degree in media and communications in conjunction with my law degree has given me an amazing range of communication skills that I have successfully implemented into my study of the law. I have gained confidence in public speaking and as such, I have been able to compete in various moot (mock) court competitions. I would suggest to anyone wanting to diversify their skill sets to consider adding a degree in media and communications”.

2. “Media and Communications allows for a creative balance in my studies”

Teresa Hang, 20, is a third year Business (Economics)/Media and Communications student. Teresa says: “studying media and communications along with my economics degree has allowed me to balance my analytical and creative skills. I have really enjoyed subjects based on social media and visual design as I get to express how creative and expressive I can be. On the other hand, my economics degree is very numbers and data focused and can often be very black and white. I have found studying media and communication alongside my business degree has added a splash of colour into my university experience. I am passionate about adding this ‘splash of colour’ into an economics industry that is often considered as bitter, cold and boring.”

3.“Media and Communications emphasises the importance of conveying an effective message”

Jo Mills, 22, is a final year Nutrition Science/Media and Communications student. Jo says: “In a field that is so saturated with non-professionals and self-educated advisors, it is imperative that I understood and had skills in strong, strategic communication. I chose to study a dual in media and communications to ensure that I had that edge over other graduates.”

If you’re looking for ‘that edge’, add a degree in media and communication to your studies. This is guaranteed to extensively impact on your performance and graduate capabilities. The diverse scope of topics and knowledge you will obtain carries great significance in your future career, no matter what industry you chose. So, if you’re looking for that unique edge, do the dual.

By Megan Dudley

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